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    Jeysmi Bonilla

    Prompt #6
    I have been writing for all my school life. Writing has been an essential part of my life, especially during my high school years. In elementary school, I used to love to write fictional stories. I still have some of them today because even though they’re just child stories I’m still proud of them. I have always liked to write whether it be stories, literary analysis, poetry or just in my journal. In elementary school, my writing was for assignments. In high school I wrote scripts for a program I was in and I wrote a literary analysis for my English class. Even though both of these were for a grade I loved writing these because it exposed me to different ways of writing. It was fun to write. One thing I learned was to not use I sincerely it wasn’t allowed in m English class so I would have to look for different ways to state my opinion. I’d have to practice how to make myself invisible on the paper. Transitioning from this type of writing is hard because of how many times I was told not to use “I” but it’s so freeing and fun. In order to write freely, I started to keep a journal for when I traveled. I wrote about my feelings, expectations, events and everything about the trip in order to not forget those memories. Now even if I’m not on trips I’ll write about different stages in my life. I think writing about personal experience is a different reward in writing.


    Nadia Nawaz

    Hey! I really like your response to prom #6. I agree with you how writing does allow one to state their opinion; I feel the same way when I’m writing an essay especially an argumentative essay because in words you feel as if your point has been made across. I like the idea how you kept a journal, I used to write in a journal too however when i didn’t have enough time i just stopped. Im going to start writing in my journal again because i feel like it does help you get down thoughts and emotions of your day. I feel like writing even a journal gives one a sense of peace because if you cant really talk to anyone about situations or emotions, you alway have yourself and when you write it its as if you got it out of your system. Overall i really like how you talked about writing and your personal experiences, you really showed how writing impacts you along with being something you love to do.

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