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    Can We Have Prosperity Without Growth? By John Cassidy

    Tatiana Richards (05/04/2020)

    I found the reading “Can We Have Prosperity Without Growth?” by John Cassidy to be very informative. The author started off with mentioning that with the love of money brings plague. Cassidy uses a variety of resources to get his point across on the impact GDP ( Gross Domestic Product) has had for over the past few generations.

    John Cassidy’s has gathered information to point out the benefits and negative aspects of GDP on the economy. The growth or shortcomings of GDP measure the affect on economics is different in many countries. With the growth of production balance between GDP must be stable otherwise there would be catastrophe. With more production of fossil fuels the air becomes more polluted but as Cassidy mentions fossil fuel reductions would benefit the economy.

    As you may have read, Cassidy touches on more than one point whether it be society focusing more on finding a way to use economic growth to help poor communities or spending patterns in services (childcare,healthcare).

    If GDP continues to rise what would be some of the major issues that would effect the economy?

    What do you think Tim Jackson the author from the book “Prosperity Without Growth: Foundations for the Economy of Tomorrow” meant by “People can flourish without endlessly accumulating more stuff. Another world is possible.” ? And do you believe another world besides a world of destruction can exist?

    What are some factors that can affect the country’s GDP growth or decrease?

    If a country is in recession, what does it mean for the country’s GDP?

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