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    Jennifer Vargas

    Is Technology a threat to capitalism?We live in a world where everything around us is technology. Quality time has translated to texts and selfies. As this article, it is written for people who are addicted to their phones.Technology changes your relationship with society and with each other.Big tech companies like Amazon,Snapchat and Youtube are addicting us to their products.After all, time spent with their product’s new features could equal making a lot of profit from us.Also, reinvested profits goes into the development of new machinery, technologies, and productive techniques. All this improvement makes us more addicted. Every minute you spend on social media is a minute spent making money for someone else (advertisements or selling us directly and rewards).The behind the cookies trick is that airlines can tell from your browser history when you’re particularly interested in a flight – and thus willing to pay a higher price – and take advantage of this.Technology has caused a shortage of human jobs and it replaces the tasks of humans.Also, it has shortage jobs like taking over cashier jobs.As many stores went from cashier to self checkout.reinvested profits into the development of new machinery, technologies, and productive techniques

    Do you think that technology has affected our lives?
    Has technology affected our economy?


    ChanChan Myint

    I think technology has a positive and negative affect on our lives. because more and more people do online shoping but as people do that less corporate companies will hire cashier since they know people’s rather do it online than at shop. I have seen a report where mall are being shut down because fewer people are going. I do agree with you that it will create a human job shortage since robots will replace the tasks of humans. And it is already happening At target they have self-checkout for people who prefer not to interact with humans. i also feel as technology gets more advanced it benefits the company more.



    I do believe that technology has effected our lives, growing up in a age where the technology and the internet is the nor it has been almost impossible to ignore. In the article the MacGineas address that” the average person taps, types, swipes, and his smartphone 2,617 times a day and she also states that “47 percent said they believed that their kids were addict(MacGineas)”So it is safe to say that technology has a strong hold on us. However, even though it has been proven that technology has had a negative effect on us it also has done some good. With the rise silicon valley and social media platforms in the 21th century it has provide many jobs and generated income for many people. Technology has also made our life easier in the sense it solves everyday problem. Since technology has been so prominent it has also contributed to our economy. Many companies have incorporated many ads is indivivals browsing and ads on social media adds so this contributed companies sales. So technology has serve as a another form of advertisement.


    Jennifer Caceres

    I think technology has its advantages and disadvantages, for example a very good advantage for technology would be social media. Social media has impacted many people’s lives in a way that it encouraged them to be themselves. What I mean is that some people are afraid to be out in the world and embrace themselves , therefore there are some celebrities that Mae these people feel better. Another advantage is that some social medias , particularly Instagram , has many accounts that. help some communities when they have issues , for instance one of the biggest issue that Instagram helps with the environment , meaning that some accounts post inspiring posts about reducing air pollution , waste of plastics and animal abuse. These are factors that make people join certain social networks. However the dark side of technology/ social media is the overwhelming wave of bullying , and among other awful things that certain people do to others. This is not only the only bad thing , but also keeps individuals , especially young people away from their lives , away from their duties. and sometimes it affects their ability to think , and this has become a big issue fro technology

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