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    Writing give me the opportunity to understand the life of others ,make my thinking and learning visible and permanent, fosters my ability to explain and refine my ideas to others and my self.It preserves my ideas and memories and also allows me to understand my life.Writing makes my life better now and will in the future by clearing the clutter from my mind, making a bank of knowledge by taking better notes.It helps me see my own growth, understand my life and helps me become more wise.

    From transitioning to writing college papers, personal statements, cover letters, and reading up on scholarly material, there has been a learning curve.
    Certainly going from writing in a formal way to somewhat informal, I’ve struggled during the transition of making a story a few sentences standout. I look a different top writers, and they have this innate ability to write a 4–5 sentences and all of sudden, they’re a superstar. I’m still working on that, that ability to get through to someone just off of a few sentences or bullet points.
    I would love in this class so I can be able to read as much as I can, learn how to expand my basic sentences into my elaborate ones, learn how to organize paragraph, write an outline.
    The last time wrote was Spring In June,summer class where I presented the importance of information technology, how it helps to deal with every day’s dynamic things, how ease of access to information, how improving banking and how better learning techniques

    My cause of writing anxiety: Inexperience with the type of writing task. Previous negative experiences with writing when someone has given you negative feedback or said negative things about your writing. Negative feelings about writing.Immediate deadline.Distant deadline.Lack of interest in the topic.

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