ENG1121 English Composition 2, FA2020 OL12

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  • Micro Activity#2 Mohammed Sillah:
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    Møh Sillah

    Quote 1:“One of the many things that I did learn in the investigative process was that university clocks move at different speeds in different parts of a university.”

    response: As I read this sentence, I thought the author was saying that clocks in different locations in the University move differently than the rest but as I kept reading and seen this quote “ The clock goes very slowly in the Herbarium. If a botanist wants to borrow some specimens from Michigan, he or she needs to agree to keep them for at least two years, and may actually keep them for decades.” It still had me a lil confused but now I understand a lil more.

    Quote 2: A DC uses its participatory mechanisms to manage the operations of the DC and to promote (usually) recruitment, change, growth, and development, and to orchestrate (rarely) retrenchment and demise.

    Response: Reading this sentence reminded me from my macroeconomics class. Like how a business operates and persuade their customers to buy their stocks/items. And how some business need to evolve, change the way how they function in order for their business to grow.

    CityTech Public Speaking 1330-OL05

    I added this class as a discourse community that I participate in because the people in this class has a common goal, which is to get over the fear of speaking in front of a audience. Building up confidence and using this class as a advantage to help earn the credit and help with my speech too.

    Guard Management Service Corporations (GMSC)

    GMSC is a security corporation which I have been working at for 7 months now. I added this as a discourse community because our goal is to secure high profile buildings and offices across New York. And most of the employees are also to make money of-course.

    CityTech English 1121 OL12

    Although English class is my least subject because I be lazy to read at times, this class is a DC to me because I can use this class as a opportunity to help my writing skills and understanding literature. Maybe develop new writing and reading skills here.


    Jessica Penner

    You posted this in the incorrect location. Post it on the website! I tell you where it is on the Agenda. If you have trouble figuring this out, attend an office hour and we’ll work it out. You will get credit for it, but I want it in the correct place!


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