ENG1121 English Composition 2, FA2016 FRI

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ENG1121 English Composition 2, FA2016 FRI
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Semester / Year
Fall 2016
Course Description

This is an advanced course in communication skills, including the expository essay and the research essay. It is expected that students in ENG1121 will:
• Read and listen critically and analytically, including identifying an argument’s major assumptions and assertions and evaluating its supporting evidence.
• Write clearly and coherently in varied, academic formats (such as formal essays, research papers, and reports) using standard English and appropriate technology to critique and improve one’s own and others’ texts.
• Demonstrate research skills using appropriate technology, including gathering, evaluating, and synthesizing primary and secondary sources.
• Support a thesis with well-reasoned arguments, and communicate persuasively across a variety of contexts, purposes, audiences, and media.
• Formulate original ideas and relate them to the ideas of others by employing the conventions of ethical attribution and citation.


This course was created by: Jessica Penner

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