ENG1121, E115, Spring 2016

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ENG1121, E115, Spring 2016
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ENG 1121
Semester / Year
Spring 2016
Course Description

In ENG1121, we will explore four writing tasks – summary, critical reading/critique, synthesis, and research. Our semester will be divided into six units of focused study:
• unit 1: annotation, MLA citation, best practices
• unit 2: academic essays
• unit 3: literary fiction
• unit 4: periodical publications
• unit 5: research project
• unit 6: final portfolio

Units 2 through 4 will require preparation of short response papers that reflect an understanding of one or more of our writing tasks. Unit 5 will culminate in a research paper that links something from the past with something from the present, and unit 6 will result in the creation of a final portfolio containing revisions and evidence of self-reflection.


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