ENG1121 E105 + E120 Composition II, Spring 2018

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  • To live in the Borderlands
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    In the poem, “ To live in the Borderlands” the author, Gloria Anzaldua talks about being racially and sexually discriminated against when living in the borderlands of Texas. Through the literary devices of metaphors, personification and symbolism Anzaldua describes her hardship she had in being multiracial and her sexuality discriminated against.
    Moreover, the title of the poem has symbolism.Anzaldua makes a connection between her message and the title. Anzaldua starts off with conveying her message through the title by using the word “border”. In the poem, “To live in the Borderlands” Anzaldua expresses that she is multiracial and feels that people see her as half person. Furthermore, she is only borderline of each race which is why she lives in the Borderlands. She uses a metaphor of describing herself to be “ half and half-both woman and man.” A borderline between each of the two. Also she struggles through being suppressed and not being able to speak up for herself. She uses personification to describe it as the “wind steals your voice.” I think the author is trying to say that you’re not looked at as equal of a regular person if you’re multiracial and you’re neither gender if you don’t act as the idealistic type cast of how a female or male is suppose to appear as.

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