ENG1121 E105 + E120 Composition II, Spring 2018

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  • Stone By Kamu Brathwaite
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    In the poem Stone , it seems that Kamu is explaining what was going on through Mikey Smiths mind and his point of view while getting stoned. In the first stanza he talks about a stone falling out of the john crow skies, and at the end of the stanza he mentions pressure, which I would assume he is explaining very figuratively how it is to get hit with a stone. In the beginning of the second stanza he says ” I couldn’t cry because my mouth was full of beast and plunder” , this adds to the fact of getting stoned since human beings cry when severe pain is brought upon them. Now by saying plunder, he is probably hinting to the audience that, that is the reason why he was getting stoned. Plunder means steal or loot. As the poem progresses Kamu gets more descriptive as to the point where he says ” crack in skull” and then ends off 2 stanzas later with a heavily emphasized “murderrrrrrrrr”, which probably meant that by this point Mikey Smith is dead.

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