ENG1121 E105 + E120 Composition II, Spring 2018

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    In Gloria Anzaldúa’s “To live in the borderlands means you” , Gloria opens up to us describing the hardships of living in a multicultural area and calling it home. She explains how she has been discriminated upon for being different, the names she was called and how change was brought upon her. Gloria conveys a constant message throughout the entirety of her poem, which is the there are many cultures coexisting together and that the differences between them is the crossfire melting them together to form one.

    In my research paperI would like to meet Gloria Anzaldúa at a common ground explaining how racial discrimination fuels the assimilation of the discriminated. I would also like to build that topic by adding how that thesis applies to me. My thesis’s relation to Anzaldúa’s poem is derived from when she says that in the borderlands people eat wheat tortillas due to assimilation yet back home eating wheat tortillas is absurd.

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