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    The purpose of this ad was that WWE was happy to go live and celebrate one of their biggest paper view at Saudi Arabia. The reason why is because Saudi Arabia offered them alot of money to perform in their arena, so the WWE took the offer because it was brilliant, they can gather new audiences and viewers. The way how did that is they created and made a dream match and brought hall of famers to fight and performer in front of millions of people in Saudi Arabia. The rhetorical appeal is pathos, the WWE attempts to persuade the people in Saudi Arabia by making them feel certain emotions. This wrestling match made people excited and it’s catering to the people in Saudi Arabia because they brought back to icons that the people in Saudi love.





    This Nike ad Titled “Take it to the next level” poses the rhetorical question are you ready to for the next level. This ad takes the view through a first person journey of a semi pro soccer player turned pro star through his trial and tribulation. Its purpose s to motivate youth and teen soccer players to highlight the importance of work and to give them the idea that they too have a chance of making it pro. It shows the playboyesque life style a celebrity athlete may live all while containing scenes such as vomiting after a hard practice to ad a sense of realism and reliability to the viewer. Nike also use this ad to show off their star studded cast of world class players including the best player in the world at the time Cristiano Ronaldo in order to further push the narrative of how big of a jump the main character has made from the little leagues to the big one. Nike by featuring their stars establish they ethos and lets the viewer know that with Nike soccer products and with the brand itself you TOO can become a super star. The first person aspect of the ad uses pathos by tying us into the story making it feel as if it is us taking that first free kick to impress the scout all the way to the last game winning free kick at the world cup which mirrors your first. This is an absolute genius ad that had me and all my friends convinced when we where younger. The sound track to this ad is Eagles of Death Metal – Don’t Speak which features opening lyrics such as “There’s something happenin’ but don’t be scared I’m too smooth, you never see me coming I’m never in a hurry, I’m just movin’ fast” and its call to action type of lyrics do nothing but compliment the fast pace intensity of the ad itself.


    Janet C.

    Janet Comisario

    The purpose of this Gatorade ad was to inform the viewers that Gatorade is only for people that sweat, in other words people who workout and are athletes. We can see in the video that the man dressed in formal clothes is trying to buy the Gatorade but the salesperson uses a smart tone of voice to inform him that the drink has electrolytes. The salesperson then uses a sarcastic tone and begins to rhyme out on who would only and should buy the drinks. Visually we can see the body language of the suited man, he shows that he is interested in buying the drink rather than listening to the facts the salesperson tries to point out about the drink. Towards the end a famous athlete comes into the store and also lets the suited guy know that the drink is only for people that sweat, just like him. Visually the audience sees the athlete is taller than the suited man. The suited mans reaction was shocked to see that the player also agrees with the salesperson, because the suited man seem to show that he doesn’t care if the drink is for people that sweat or not.



    The purpose of this ad is to promote Adidas product such as sneakers and clothes. They are trying to persuade everyone to buy their products. They used both ethos and pathos for their rhetorical appeals. Ethos in that they used famous athlete to showcase their brand. Two types of mode were used in this ad, visual and audio. The style of this ad was kind of a motivation. The ad had a very unusual color which makes it stands out. The setting of this ad was also rare they had different athletes from different types of sport sat around a table and talk. There was no use of sources.


    Shannia Thomas

    In this Nike commercial with Colin Kaepernick, I believe there is more than one purpose. Their target audiences are athletes and men from 18-29 years old. Of course, the first purpose is to persuade the audience to buy Nike products and to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The next purpose of this commercial is to enlighten society of the problems we face in this world and to back up Colin Kaepernick. Nike used Colin Kaepernick who was one of the famous NFL players who is now a free agent.
    The rhetorical appeal Nike used were pathos, ethos, and logos. Pathos to show an appeal to the audience’s emotion or values which is “stand for something even if it means nothing”. They used Colin Kaepernick as their credibility and police brutality increasing are facts. The mode of this commercial is both visual and audio. The composer shows this mode so we are able to visualize the importance of this commercial. In this commercial, it shows people running with one leg, beating brain tumors, etc. The medium is digital. This commercial cause so much controversy/backlash that it never made it on television but it’s on YouTube and all social media. For example, it’s stated in the ad “Don’t become the biggest basketball on the planet, be bigger than basketball.”
    This is Nike typical organization pattern. Their tone is informal. Their goal is to inspire people and to encourage them to stand for something even if it means nothing. They create meaningful commercials and apply what society faces.
    The commercial designs with images and clips of outstanding achievements with inspirational words.
    The source material that is used in this commercial is a personal experience. Colin Kaepernick was an NFL player who was fired from the NFL. He stood on his knees during the National Anthem in protest to the police shootings of unarmed black men to the African Americans and men that were killed due to police brutality.

    Nike and Colin Kaepernick


    Thalia L. Frontani

    For this Mountain Dew Kickstart Commercial there was no rhetorical question.
    The purpose of this commercial is to tell people that there New kickstart drink energizes and wakes you up. This ad uses pathos because the people become happier as if when you drink the Kickstart drink, you will instantly become happier and positive; energetic almost. The audience, Mountain Dew, targeted was for those who drink soda and a young adolescent audience because of the music and setting they used in the commercial such as three teens who were bored and chilling until they got the kickstart drink. They visuals help emphasize the fact that their drink is different from any other energizing drink because they make the environment come to life, such as the deer who was hung and stuffed, comes back to life simply by the kickstart drink. Also the chest and heart of the last teen was beating so fast that his body was pumping to the beat. They kept the environment dark in the beginning then everything brightened when the drink was carried out through everybody’s body. The tone used was a straight forward tone yet happy tone, getting straight to the point with ‘it all starts with a kick.’ And the room goes quiet when the crazed energized teens leave.


    Thalia L. Frontani

    Daveed Roopnarain

    The purpose of this ad is to build excitement and promote a racing game that will come out soon. The game is Need For Speed heat, which is created by EA. It’s clear the game is suppose to reach out to a specific audience, that audience is anybody who has an interest in either cars in general, or motorsports. EA is a big company in the gaming world, and has been making racing games for many years, some being circuit/track racing, and some being street racing. A lot of their street racing games talk heavily about how the law tries to hold people back from being able to enjoy their cars to the fullest, trying to put an end to the car culture, this would be their form of pathos. Eliciting the idea that the racer must fight back to keep the spirit alive. The logos of their plea however is that they understand that it’s illegal to street race, but there’s nothing big holding people back from customizing and modifying their vehicles to make it truly theirs. To make the ad appeal to the consumer, they opened with a group of racers being pulled over, but it cuts immediately into another scene in which the person speaking is a female and speaking in Spanish and she keeps switching between english and Spanish, the language switch and change in accent is probably done to hold interest. They also add some comedic effect with the joke of “Do you know how fast you were going?”



    The other day I was walking on Fulton Street and I saw a big Advertisement of a Cookie department store. The color was red, blue and white which catch people’s attention. Another thing that catches their attention is the way how the words are shown and being described about what they sell in their stores.. It has big letter like; SCHOOL UNIFORMS FOR BOYS, AND GIRLS, BRAND NAMES, TOYS, and SHOES etc. Also, there are mannequins wearing clothes right outside of the store which of course people love to see. And it’s important for people to see so they can know what they are going to buy. The rhetorical appeal shows that ethos is reliable in which they have all the accessories that society wants to obtain specially for children around the world. And at the same time shows pathos because shows emotions and grabs attention. The modes of the ads is visual advertises which makes a connection with buyers who loves to shop.


    Hadeel A

    The rhetorical situation in this ad is to show others how all it takes is one person to be genuinely nice to someone who is being bullied for them to change their mind about self harm. The purpose of this ad is to inform the audience about bullying and how serious it really is. It’s not considered “cool” because you’re being mean… you’re just being an asshole. Bullying is an on growing social problem that cannot be ignored. I think the composer is trying to reach both the bullies and the people getting bullied. The composer uses visual and audio mode to appeal more to the audience. I say this because you see the girl that is being bullied grabbing the blades from the pharmacy as the visual mode. Then, as the audio mode you have the composer appealing to the viewers by having the background speaker say, “did you know that a bully will stop his or her behavior in 10 seconds when their peers speak up?” I believe the composer chose this format because it’s way more easier to visually show their audience rather than if you tried to show them on a poster with just words.


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