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    1. To what extent does writing feel like a social process to you? Does writing ever feel lonely/isolating?

    It depends probably the way to look at writing if you write with the mindset of a conversation then writing may feel like a social process in that you view it as a form or communication of socialization. But if you view as I guess a recording or recounting of events then you may not view it as much as a social process. In my opinion I lean towards it being a social process since it is a form of communication or socialization. And I think writing can be lonely in a good way in the case that you feel immersed in your writing.

    2. Pick one sentence from “Responding–Really Responding–to Other Students’ Writing” that is interesting/memorable to you. Why is it memorable or interesting?

    Not really a sentence but a quote that stuck with me was “Temper your criticisms” which followed the notion of saying what you want in the nicest way. I have always had this belief that you can say almost anything you want to whomever but its is the way you say it that ultimately matters. I say this because how you say it is the last bit of control you have over your words after that they go into the listeners mind for their interpretation. It is also a way to not kill the confidence of the writer you want the criticism to come off as a lesson rather than a put down so thewriter can feel motivated to continue.


    Shannia Thomas

    1. Writing is a only a social process when I have to discuss with someone else on what to write or do peer reviewed. I also believe writing and socializing associate with each other. However, writing does not ever feel lonely to me. It allows me to think and pour out feelings and the truth. I don’t ever feel isolated because in order to write something, I need to feel connected.
    2. One sentence that is interesting to me is “If she’s shy and seems reluctant to go into the kind of personal detail the paper seems to need, encourage her. Make some suggestions or tell her what you would do. “ It interesting to me because I find myself as that shy person who’s unsure on whether to put more, put less, explain my self or get straight to the point. So encouraging me allow me to be the best I can be.



    For me writing doesn’t feel like a social process. I must admit that sometimes writing can get lonely sometimes it can stray you far away more than you expect, which is sometimes a good thing or bad thing.
    Before you up and start reading the paper. take a minute (alright, thirty seconds) to make a mental checklist about the circumstances of the writing. This is interesting to me because i find it hard to reading and understanding stuff that you didn’t write so it is very key you take your time to read . After reading you should be to understand what you have read.



    1. To what extent does writing feel like a social process to you? Does writing ever feel lonely/ isolating?

    It all depends on the subject, assignment or even a regular conversation that I am going to talk to or write about sometimes it can be a social process . Writing can be helpful for some people and it’s like therapy for them. You can express your feeling, emotions by just writing anything and it doesn’t have to be perfect even though you feeling that nobody is going to like your writing. Sometimes writing can help you calm down whenever you are feeling down. Overall, I don’t feel like writing makes you feel lonely or isolated.

    2. Pick one sentence from “Responding–Really Responding–to Other Students’ writing” that is interesting/ memorable to you. Why is it memorable or interesting?

    “Not like a teacher. Not like a judge. Not like an editor or critic or shotgun.” I would say that because by showing your writing to your classmate’s, it can be helpful because they can check and correct mistakes you made and can also help you know how you are doing in your work. This gives me more confidence and allows me to be more open to any feedback I get from my work.



    1) the writing process can feel like a social process when it contains certain topics. I dont think it can feel lonely or isolating to mel
    2)“Different readers are always going to pick up on different things and respond in different ways, and no one reading or response is going to address everything that might well be addressed, in the way it might best be addressed.” I picked this quote cause it shows how different people writings can be and you can tell when reading numerous essays

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