ENG1121 D435 Fall2019

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    Kenny Cohetero

    For homework, answer these questions:
    1) What is the call to action (thesis) from your research paper?
    My call to action from my research paper is making customers and consumers to wear the sneakers they purchase before they leave the store.
    2) What are three potential genres that you might choose for your remix project? Why would these be a good fit?
    For my remix I would do a visual podcast with my friends, photo essay where I interview people with crazy sneakers, or make a vlog or me when a hyped sneaker comes out in.
    3) Does any one genre stick out to you most of all?
    The podcast sounds the most easiest and best one to do so far.
    4) Do you have any model texts that you might use to help you create the remix? (for example, if you want to make a photo essay, have you seen any photo essays that you might want to use as a sample as you create your own?) Feel free to post links for model texts!
    I have seen sneaker podcast and talk shows about talking about if sneakers would drip or flip. Talking about how people feel about certain drops and if they would keep them or sell them and how the community is evolving and etc


    Toni Ann

    1 my call to action thesis is to have mandatory training for kitchen employees to mitigate sexism in restaurant kitchens.
    2 The three genres I believe would be effective in doing so and stick out would be digital media(social media etc) posters and blogs.
    3 I think digital media would stand out more because we live in a era where most of the information we get is from social media.
    4 through digital media I was able to find various sources and groups that spoke about this issue.

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