READINGMURRAY_CAROLIN BESHAY                                                                    12-4-2021


“Writers practice the prevision skills of selecting,connecting, and evaluating significant bits of information provided by receptive and exploratory experience. Prevision includes, in my opinion, the underestimated skills of title and lead writing, which help the student identify a subject, limit it, develop a point of view towards it, and begin to find the voice to explore the subject.”


“Writers must remain, to some degree, not only ignorant of what they are going to do but what they are doing. Mary Peterson just wrote me about her novel, “I need to write it before I can

think about it, write it too fast for thought.” Writers have to protect their ignorance, and it is not easy to remain ignorant, particularly in an English department. That may be one reason we have deemphasized the experience of discovery in writing.”


“The first involves content. I think we forget that writers in all forms, even poetry, especially poetry, write with information. As English professors and linguistic researchers, we may concentrate on stylistic differences, forgetting that the writer engaged in the process of internal revision is looking through the word- or beyond the word- or behind the word- for the information the word will symbolize. Sitting at a desk, pausing, staring out the window, the writer does not see some great thesaurus in the sky; the writer sees a character walking or hears a character speaking, sees a pattern of statistics which may lead toward a conclusion.

Writers can’t write nothing; they must have an abundance of information.”



Q1.Internal revision is a change of set of changes that corrects or fixes something. External revision is an idea of how the writer is showing the audience what to understand when they read.  Murray makes this distinction by proving to a writer that when we read in order to understand the ideas proved to the audience how their stories are composed. 


Q4. I would understand revision by  giving an opportunity to reflect. Have a decision on what I want to understand. Even make plans. I would develop this attitude by always having a purpose that doest control what I think of or make things worse. Murray convinced me to see revision as an opportunity for discovery by developing my ideas in writing. Take an opportunity to step up and re-envision on my writing. 


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