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    Jennifer Sears

    See the instructions for this discussion board on the TO-DO list for Oct .12:
    Participation Activity, Session 12: Exploring Research Questions


    Kevin Sierra

    1.) What is basquiats reasoning for crossing out the words he writes on his paintings ?
    2.) What artist influenced him?


    Jean Lucas

    1.) How we’re the Egyptians able to build the Pyramids?
    2.) How Long and what was the process of making the pyramids of Egypt?



    1). How does urban planning play into reducing traffic and the health of people?
    2). How does the design and layouts of roads affect businesses and quality of life?



    1). Who are some female architects that are still alive today ?
    2). What are some conflicts that women architects face on the regular or on a daily basis ?



    1) how does the type of landscape affect the type of building constructed on it?
    2) how long does it take to design and construct a building?


    Arely Delgado

    1. Is there a pay gap between men and women in the architecture field?
    2. What percent of architects are females?


    Mike Sanango

    1. How did Architectural projects in Manhattan impact New York within the past 15 years?
    2. How do Architectural projects in New York impact political ideas across the United States within the past 15 years?


    Norah Abraham

    What is the success rate of female architects in the worldwide market?
    Do female architects command the same or lesser monetary for their work?
    Are female architects in the same demand as their male counterparts, or is that a non factor?
    Are female architects socially accepted as there male counterparts in the business world?


    Arjay Rajapa

    1. do we have all the necessary resources to counter a cyber attack?
    2. when was the last big cyber attack and how did we resolve it?



    1) How did architect was inspired around the globe?
    2) During golden age in Europe how did those people understand more about architecture to draw those drawing building and dooms.


    Afoussata Savane

    1: how did people notice architects in the very beginning?
    2: what are some cons about being an architect?


    Savie Currency

    Topic: Manhattan’s shift from house to skyscrapers.
    1) How long did it take to relocate those who’s homes were demolished?

    2) Who’s idea was it to start building up in general?

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The topic ‘’ is closed to new replies.