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  • Family Story ( not so much culture) :)
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    michael latchman

    As soon as I was able to lift up a hammer I started sticking around my dad and watching him work around the house and cars and our relatives houses and such. I remember that multiple times when I would go over to my grandmas house when I was around 7, I would take a screwdriver and unscrew all the cabinet doors and then have my da put them back together. One of the best moments I can write about is when my dad and I were working on a car outside and it was on a ramp. He has this tool called a creeper where you can lay on it and literally creep and roll underneath the car and work on it. So he needed to go in the garage and get more tools and when he came back he couldn’t find me. 5 minutes later he finds me and I was underneath the car looking around seeing whatever he was looking at. And till this day I still go on the creeper and look under the truck just to know what he is doing so when I have my own car I can fix it myself.

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