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  • Family story
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    Kevin P.S

    My family is mainly made up of immigrants, with the exception of a few cousins who were born in the country, most of them lack any formal education.
    While Education has a heavy emphasis in the United States. This hasn’t been the case for me and my family. It’s importantance was always overshadowed by the family’s strong adherence to a single message “work, work, work.”. Persuing higher education was always seen as silly. “Why go to school when you can work?”
    While this may seem closed minded and short sighted you first need to understand my family was orphaned and lacked any opportunity to go to school since they all needed to start working at a very young age, to them working was vital. And second the emphasis on working was placed heavily on us not to discourage us from persuing education, it was to show us how difficult labor based jobs are, and to at the very least give us the mentality that we need to work hard.

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