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    anza khizar

    In every culture there are stories about the dead and how people are always taking extra precaution to not attract them at night-time. In my culture there are these small little details told to young kids to not attract ghosts at nighttime. The fear of ghosts embedded inside of us from a very young age. One of them is to not wear perfume or let your hair down at night because the ghosts get fascinated by the luxury of the hair and might fall in love with you. My grandma keeps a candle with special oil lit 24/7 because apparently if you keep the fire going, the ghosts won’t come in your house. I once accidentally blew the candle, out of curiosity. The whole night I was quivering with fear thinking about how the ghosts can enter the house now. Even though nothing happened, the fear inside of me was still there It’s difficult to believe in these fantasy stories, but now and then, I can’t help, but think about how their dead people living among us, but we just can’t see them.

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