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  • Culture/Family story
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    Manuel Brito

    I was born in the Dominican Republic, raised by aunts and grandma. Growing up my grandma used to tell me stories of a creature named El Galipote. A galipote is a person that can transformĀ themselves into animals at will. These people were either born with the ability to turn into an animal or were given as a curse from a witch. Either way these creatures had the abilities to turn into any object they wanted in order to pull pranks on others or lured them into traps. My grandma knew I liked to go out a lot when I was a kid, so she would always tell me to watch out for El Galipote. According to her, they couldnā€™t get hurt by anything neither a bullet or knife. She would always tell me that if I ever get caught by El Galipote, then no one will save me. She scared me so much that for awhile I stopped going out unless I was accompanied by someone.

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