ENG1101 D371 English Composition I, SPR2015

When you think about the brain,and you start to feel superior because your brain is bigger than any Ant and so it must be obvious that we are smarter because we have the bigger brain. Think again,it doesn’t matter how big your brain is,it has no bearing on how intelligent you are.The only claim to fame about the human compared to all rest is the cerebral cortex,which has 16 billion nerons and it’s in charge of awareness,planning,and reasoning.

When you watch the movie “Lucy” or you hear the famous  statement I feel like I’m using another percent of my brain because you know “we only use ten percent of our brain.” Correct that person and let them know we’re using all percentage of our brain due to the fact that,functionality magnetic resonance images (fmri) show several brain areas are at work for any given activity,depending on what function is needed. But I understand how it’s very enticing to believe that we only use 10 percent of our brain,because when you start to realize the capabilities of the brain you figure if it can do such incredible things so effortlessly,imagine if I really tried hard to achieve certain things.

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