ENG1101 (D302) Comp 1, FA2018

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  • Mohamed Hawater : Labor Day Weekend Story
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    mohamed hawater

    Labor Day Weekend Story
    My day was so beautiful like a pure blue sky that calms me down when I am stressed about college and work. This beautiful weekend helped me to reduce my pressure. On the first day, I went to Pennsylvania with my friends for shooting. I was so happy because it was my first time to learn how to shoot by a real gun with real bullets. One of my friends who taught me how to shoot is a police officer, so he was very cautious when he was teaching me. It was really fun ; we had good time there. Then, we went to eat lunch in my friend’s house ; Moreover, we went to the aquatic park. We came back home at 12 am. On the next day, I had fun with my family. We went to the beach. My cousins were coming from Michigan, so I was missing them so much. We played soccer in the beach. Also, we made a barbeque for lunch. My family was so energetic to make us all happy.

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