ENG1101 (D302) Comp 1, FA2018

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  • Jose Castillo’s Labor Day Weekend
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    Jose Castillo

    Imagine having the house to yourself during labor weekend, it’s your first week of college, excitement running through your veins. You decide to throw a little party with your friends. As the bass from the speaker shakes the floor below, and you and your friends are jumping up and down. You receive a phone call that we all fear, a phone from your mom.

    During my first week of college my mom and little brother left to Maryland to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. I stood back because I didn’t want to start college off on the wrong foot. As soon as they left the house, freedom was in the air ! It felt like a dream come true, first week of college and I have the house to myself. As my thoughts ran wild of the things I could’ve done, I just let myself focus on college 100% but come Labor Day weekend was when the things starting stirring up.

    I had a successful first week of college and I wanted to be surrounded by some positive energy. I invited some middle school friends over and we turned into party animals. We were jumping and shouting as if we were in a rave, we could’ve sworn the police was going to knock on the door. Instead the most expected unexpected thing happens, my mom calls ! I turned off the speakers and told my friends to be quiet. My mom asks me questions in a rapid fire pace and I’m just saying “yea, yea mom” to everything. Then she finally hung up, I look at my friends and start laughing as I turn up the speakers to maximum volume.

    My Labor Day weekend this year was definitely a night to remember and a night that I will cherish. But also a eye opener of what can happen if you are not responsible with your freedom. `

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