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  • A new chapter starts
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    Donald Nian
    Professor Rosen
    Project #1

    Moving on from the past and starting a new chapter

    Hello. Welcome to Donald Nians bio and I would to introduce myself. I am currently eighteen years old and my nationality is half Korean and half Taiwanese. I went to St. Francis Preparatory high school and I was pretty active in school. I was in the Korean club and I was an athlete. I was in the freshmen basketball team and I did track as well. Currently, I have a job which is teaching little kids basketball. My major in City technology is computer engineering and I chose computer engineering at city tech because I heard the program there is really well and I do like engineering. Engineering is interesting because there’s a lot of math and physics in it.
    When I was around 5 years old, I used to play with legos. If you don’t know what legos are, legos are usually toys you can build with. Legos did make me want to become an engineer because there are a lot of engineering jobs out there, but building or drawing something new is similar like legos. After I stopped playing with legos, I really didn’t know what to be in the future. My father would say become a doctor or those basic jobs meaning a successful job that’s seen a lot. My father said to become one of those because it’s a better job than any others which is not true. However my mother is different because she told me if I like the job, then i should stay with it. Moving on to middle school, I was the only Asian boy in the school because it was a private school and the area didn’t really have a lot of Asians. In middle school, it was tough for me because obviously I was the only Asian boy however some of the kids would pick on me or would be racist towards me. I didn’t really care what they said because I know they were irrelevant to my life however I did learn a lesson from them. I learned that in this world, there’s always two sides which is someone being nice and someone being mean without any reasons. I believed that everyone should be nice to each other even if they are different races because God made all of us equally.

    In high school, I did made a lot of friends and I got to know more about the teachers. I felt like my high school was another home because every one of my friends were nice to me and some of them would have the same personality like me. I actually learned and focused more in high school because some of the teachers made the topics really interesting by using their life experiences into the topic. I thought it was going to be the same as middle school besides being an Asian boy because I know the school is larger, but high school changed my life. I used to not be social, active, and outgoing because I was too shy and I was not confident at all.

    After graduating high school, I told myself a new chapter is starting soon and I would need to focus more because I know getting jobs are harder these days and I would like to support my family better than they supported me. Going to college in the city is different because of transportation and the people here are more matured and older than me. Now, I do need to move on from the past and start my new life in order to make a better future.
    In the picture, it shows a boy looking depressed and lonely. The picture is black and white too. If a person see’s this picture for his/her first time, they may think the same way as I thought. However, the boy is reflecting his life and he was lonely once. This picture represents me in the past. The boy also looks like he made bad decisions in life. I, myself did not make a lot of good decisions in life too. But I do regret I did them and I did learn a lesson. Even today, I don’t make the same mistakes again.
    Right now, I don’t know what I should become in the future because there are a lot of programs in different colleges. However, I am interested in my major, business, and Criminal Justice. I look forward to do well in college because I do want to make my parents proud and I plan to support my family in the future.


    Jody R. Rosen

    Hi Donald,

    You didn’t have the benefit of my in-class instructions about how to write a post. Rather than putting your work in a discussion board, please click Visit Course Site on the upper right corner of the page, and click on the + you see in the top navigation bar when you get there. That will take you to the screen you use to write a new post. You can copy and paste this there. Be sure to choose the right category and add any tags you think represent what your project is about.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or in class tomorrow.

    Prof. Rosen

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