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Each time we write for an audience, we have a new purpose for doing so and a new set of readers with expectations of what, how, and why we should write for them. Learning to write effectively means not only advancing sentence-level skills, such as vocabulary and grammar, but also understanding the fundamental relationship between author and audience well enough to adapt appropriately to each new writing situation. One such situation is academic writing, in which you most often write to inform or persuade and your audience expects you to adhere to certain conventions of voice, structure, evidence, argument, format, and citation. In this class, we’ll cover a lot of ground between skills in reading, writing, and research with the ultimate goal of becoming more effective, comfortable writers overall, and specifically, more fluent academic writers.

The assigned text, “The Place Where We Dwell,” will allow us a glimpse into the personal lives, and perhaps understand different languages, communities and educational journeys of many authors who have migrated to the New York City area. Students will discover how newcomers deal with issues of immigration, cultural identity and class inside this microcosm and make a connection to their own personal experiences.

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