ENG 2420, Science Fiction, Spring 2019

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    DaSean, Rosa, Brandon, Karlique, Marco: please post in this discussion forum to plan your March 25 presentation of “Aye, And Gomorrah…”


    Rosa Cortes

    Hey guys, I guess we should also start with our presentation and assign what roles each of us will have, and how we’ll present for Monday.


    Hi all,

    Just a note to affirm Rosa and direct you to the OpenLab announcement for instructions.

    Also, when replying to this thread, please uncheck “Notify subscribed members by email,” to avoid spamming the other classmates. You should be checking this thread regularly. I would recommend deciding who will present which portion of the story.

    Professor Kwong


    Rosa Cortes

    Thank you Professor Kwong,

    I have a question, I just want to confirm that we are suppose to cover four elements of our story correct?


    Hi Rosa,

    Sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier – the directions are under the Announcements.


    Rosa Cortes

    Hi all – Rosa, thank you for sharing. Everyone else, please tag each slide so that I know who contributed what – otherwise, I will assume that Rosa did everything!

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