ENG 2400 Films from Literature, Spring 2020

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    Prof. Masiello

    When you read the play, A Streetcar Named Desire, your perception of the two main characters may have been different from the way you felt about Blanche and Stanley as depicted in the film version.

    A) Do you feel the characters came off differently from play to film?

    B) Which character did you appreciate more in the film: Blanche or Stanley?


    Sara Zheng

    A) Compare to the play when Stella forgives Stanley of his crimes, she leaves in the film. Forgiving her husband in the play makes her a character with delusion as she constantly overlooks the wrongful deeds he does, like his abusive behavior and rape of Blanche.
    B) I appreciate Blanche’s character over Stanley as she was shown to be mentally ill. Despite the fact she was attracted to younger males, we had her tragic backstory and guilt because of her ex husband’s death. It is difficult to appreciate Stanley as he’s overly obsess with his masculinity.

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