ENG 2003: Introduction to Poetry

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ENG 2003: Introduction to Poetry
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ENG 2003
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Spring 2012
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This semester in Introduction to Poetry: Envisioning Poetry, we will read a variety of poetry; we will also incorporate other art forms such as painting and photography where appropriate to explore the connections between the written and the visual. Our class meetings will include discussions about the readings, in which we will consider elements such as content, form, historical period, biographical background, and the relationship among the readings. Through our discussions of the reading, we will engage with the mechanics of poetry as well as the issues of literary and artistic expression. We will also actively maintain a course site on City Tech’s OpenLab, which will extend our conversations beyond the classroom. Students in ENG 2003 must draw on the skills gained in the prerequisite course, ENG 1101, to meet the Outcomes outlined by the English Department.

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