ENG 2003 Introduction to Poetry

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    Dennis Betanco

    The first poem i want to talk is “If you forget me” by Pablo Neruda-He is an amazing poet.He is mostly known to write about erotically romantic poems, which has to do deal with love and the desires that come’s with it describe so deeply you can almost feel the power that it’s expressed through Neruda’s poems. I chose this poem because I actually can allude to this because i felt the connection being made to the significant other. “I want you to know
    one thing”, i believe that he’s is being assertive and he knows what he wants so he explains by this bold statement, make no mistake this is how i feel.”If suddenly,you forget me
    do not look for me, for I shall already have forgotten you.” Basically he wants to be on the same page, he wants to let you know that if you give me your all i will give you my all, so theres no discrepancy or confusion on how one clearly feels.In addition leading to a tremendous and unbreakable love if the foundation is set right.

    My next poem i chose from Neruda is “Don’t Go To Far Off”, i personally believe that in this poem he wants to express his gratitude and love and how deep it runs within him. “Because in that moment you’ll have gone so far, I’ll wander mazily over all the earth, asking,
    Will you come back? Will you leave me here, dying?” In this part Neruda is giving an example that if his love or significant other leaves, he will being to question life itself in confusing that will break his heart and soul.

    The connection in Neruda work’s is that they all are informative in a romantic way both explain how much they love the other person, however this love they speak of can also make you or break, alluding to life and death in way because you must enjoy life and all colors and happiness it brings, however life also brings darkness and corruption also leading to the end result which is death. I believe this can be compared to Duende and cante jondo because one he is expressing his deep love that come’s from within one’s heart and cante condo is appreciating the authenticity of emotions and love is defiantly one of them that no matter what family your in it will also be alive in other generations in different ways.

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