ENG 2003 Introduction to Poetry


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    Dennis Betanco

    1. Cante jondo is a vocal style in flamenco.This unique style was studied by Lorca and he created a theory-“The cante jondo approaches the rhythm of the birds and the natural music of the black poplar and the waves; it is simple in oldness and style”,this to me infers that the gypsies wore their hearts on the sleeves when the song their songs or performed a ritual.It was so profound that even Lorca truly knew the meaning of their songs because you can feel see their pain its very DEEP.

    2. You ask how can some one create pure Cante Jondo? Well Lorca said deep song is a stammer, a wavering emission of the voice, a marvelous buccal undulation that smashes the resonant cells of our tempered scale, eludes the cold, rigid staves of modern music……” you can tell the difference from its unique naturalistic style which is rare to find with out pain.For instance the Gypsy siguiriya start off a song screaming representing all the dead generations thus showing use a true unique style of music.

    3. Lorca enlightens us with a logic that the role of logic and reason in cante jondo is provided by highntied emotions like love,death and deep and powerful sadness. “The most terrible feeling of having feelings is to have lost hope” Lorca.

    4. and 5.
    I honestly and whole heartily feel that Kanye west “Only one” featuring Paul Mccartney
    depicts a sense of cante Jondo because this songs is about the death of his mother and he’s in pain when he talks to his mother “Mari” and asked her to “Tell Nori about me”,Nori his aunt who is also dead.You can hear the pain in his voice wishing desperately and hoping he will see them both one day. It illustrates both love and sadness.

    6.The similarities both art and life in Cante Jondo both seem to get its power and effectiveness drawing from pain,death and life its self.

    7. The ones that spoke to me were The Dispute, Ballad of Black Pain, and Ghazal of the Flight.They both have a from of Duende and Cante Jondo because Lorca refers death to be luminous which is amazing how someone can find the strength to be positive at a time of death which to me was brilliant and never ending sense of duende and cante jondo.

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