ENG 2003 Introduction to Poetry

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    Dennis Betanco

    One of the poems that i choose to elaborate on is called “Dawn” by Federico García Lorca. Lorca’s occupation was playwright, poet, theatre director and was very good at it. At first some people didn’t understand his writing but later on discovered how brilliant of a poet he was.However he wrote Dawn and it reminded me how quick our society sometimes forget to follow their dreams and even strive to better themselves or even to create ones ambition within yourself. “Dawn in New York groans on enormous fire escapes searching between the angles for spikenards of drafted anguish”, i picked this quote because i believe that when Lorca wrote this he was speaking to those people who sometimes may have forgotten why they work so hard or why they came to this country.Those groans you hear on the fire escapes passing through the city walls reaching to the skies hoping an angle would hear their call of distress and anguish so they can be helped.”Those who go out early know in their bones
    there will be no paradise or loves that bloom and die: they know they will be mired in numbers and laws, in mindless games, in fruitless labors”. I personally feel that i can relate to this because in a time of my life the way he describes the feeling is so accurate, those endless nights were i felt that i was programed to fail in New York because nothing ever went my way.I saw no growth at my dead end job, my body would hate waking up early in the morning fighting against me begging me not to go because their is no place were i can be free of all that is bad. My ambition shot down by the sight of my check and the laws of New York city.

    my next poem is called “Ditty of First Desire”. At first when read this i wasn’t sure myself what i was feeling,then i read it again and i thought simply it might be just a song or its Lorca telling us how things are so complicated,why can’t simple things just be simple.”In the green morning I wanted to be a heart.A heart”, this spoke to me because a lot of times in my personal love life i think i know what i want until it gets really confusing and hard to see. What i mean by that is that my heart knows what it wants but my mind plays tricks on me.For instance for awhile i felt that i wasn’t in love with my ex girlfriend, but when i broke up with her, at first i felt good about it then i realized that i just might have let go the love of my life. in addition i feel like Lorca needs the simple things in life. When you eat an apple let it taste like one too. when you feel something let it help you make the right decision, not a mistake.

    What is Duende? Definition-“having duende” loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity,”but where it naturally creates most space, is in music, dance and spoken poetry”.We can communicate duende through the passion of art and particularly dancing. But that’s not the only way. You can also have duende through music as well. What makes art so special? well i believe you express all your suffering through art and leave your trials and tribulations when you depart from this earth in your art work(thats what makes is special).Similar to duende, where does duende come from? is comes from DEATH “all that has black sound Has duende”. I’ve personally have felt duende when i listen to music it makes me want to become a different person for the right reasons to benefit me in life i look at things different that makes my everyday living exprience a better place.When i turn back in to dust you’ll see my dunede through the way i lived and in my death.

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