ENG 2003 Introduction to Poetry

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ENG 2003 Introduction to Poetry
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Spring 2015
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Intro to poetry


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The first poem i want to talk is "If you forget me" by Pablo Neruda-He is an amazing poet.He is mostly known to write about erotically romantic poems, which has to do deal with love and the desires that come's with it describe so deeply […] See MoreBlog Post #5


Hey professor I've been having trouble finding the 7 questions we were suppose to do on the read, also I can't find the reading for this weeks assignment in the site link. How would I find that? Thank you. See MoreProfessor

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As I stated in class, I found Lorca to be dark and depressing. The concept of "duende" was easy to master because I always believed that there were poems, songs and stories that caused you to feel something. A deep something that someone […] See MoreBlog Post #4

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