ENG 2001 D532 TTH230 Fall 2018

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ENG 2001 D532 TTH230 Fall 2018
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Course Code
ENG 2001
Semester / Year
Fall 2018
Course Description

ENG 2001 Introduction to Literature I: Fiction, is a literature course designed to develop your understanding of fictional narratives by studying selected works of fiction and criticism. In this course we will explore some theoretical background on fiction and the form of the novel. This particular section will revolve around two books: The Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler, and Atlantis: Three Tales by Samuel R. Delany. I would like for us to think about how these two main texts represent different approaches to storytelling. We will spend some time discussing various forms and genres of fiction. This course emphasizes the novel, but we will also look at other related fictional forms, including the short story, play, and film. Both Butler and Delany are known for their work in science fiction. We now have a Science Fiction Collection housed in the Ursula C. Schwerin Library of City Tech, and we will be visiting the collection this semester. This fall we will also have our third annual City Tech Science Fiction Symposium, and we will be incorporating this program into our classes.