ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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    October 22, 2020

    Kathy-Ann Valme
    Creative Writing

    Topic: Amidst the Chaos- Family Matters

    Someone yelled down the hallway, “Call a Rapid response to the Central Station.” I ran to grab
    the telephone and quickly pressed the emergency bell. With panting breath, and facial mask to
    shield my face, I hurriedly gave the operator the location and extension while frantically
    knocking on the door to the doctor’s lounge to alert them simultaneously. Then I scuffled down
    the hallway to retrieve an Echo Cardiogram Machine and rushed it to the room. Footstep could
    be heard like galloping horses, as the medical team sprinted like Olympians to the location;
    rapidly gearing up on the mission to save lives, becomes their tunnel vision. Again, someone
    shouted, “Please call a code.” I rushed to comply. Everyone worked tirelessly to revive him.
    Earlier that day, Mr. Hill, a frequent flyer, with cardiac conditions and other underlining
    illness, paced the hallways. Uncertainty loomed over him as he awaited news from the social
    worker of his fate. She knew him. He had a split personality – either he was incessantly
    annoying or sweet and charming.
    He was undomiciled. Frequently hungry and evenly territorial. Whenever he clamored
    for attention, he would throw temper tantrums until he got his way or somewhat of a
    compromise. He was the master of temperaments and would adjust according to his situation at
    hand. He was a master manipulator; who mastery of the craft allowed him to weave his way into
    your heart like a spider weaves its web.
    No one visited him, yet occasionally a lady, with a deep husky voice, who claimed to be
    his sister would call, inquiring about his condition. She would speak to him at length and then
    disappear, just like a bad habit until a few days had passed.
    He was included as part of the extended work family, which meant everyone did their
    part to assist him beyond the scope of care. Amidst the chaos, family matters and love takes



    The last soccer goal

    It has been crazy everyone is tired we played for 90 minutes but it wasn’t enough and got extended. We need the last goal to end this misery. I’m standing left back and screaming at the midfield “yo pass me the ball” he didn’t hear me because he was too focused I screamed again, he didn’t hear me
    Later I got the ball and ran as fast as I can and passed it across the field to the person standing close to the goal. He took it and scored. Everyone was happy, we are in lead. But we had to be careful because there was a few minutes left, you never know what can happen in a few minutes. Minutes went by and nothing happened, we were able to defend the attacks from the opponents and defended the goal, it was safe.
    And as soon as we heard the referee wistle we knew that the match was fully done and there was one team that won, ours. After that we all felt like we can win any match but afcourse it is hard to tell

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