ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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    Jennifer Sears

    Use the TO DO List for Session 6 and write two stanzas of a sestina. Experiment! Have fun!



    It’s hard trying to find some work
    But I do have a friend from Queens
    who managed to get into Walgreens as an employee.
    It’s not all fun and games though, It’s frustrating
    He does most of the work when he supposes to do storage.
    When he’s done, we usually talk about it online because we’re friends

    You gotta look out for your friends
    When thinks don’t turn out great at work.
    It would’ve been easy for him if he only did storage
    Maybe one day I should go to Queens
    And visit him, so things wouldn’t be frustrating.
    I guess things aren’t always easy when you’re an employee.

    (I did what I could ;-;)



    What does it look like living in New York?
    Winter’s will have you wanting to leave the house with a blanket.
    Noticing homes with a window that have fancy curtains,
    The living room usually has magazines and cute mugs on the coffee table.
    Passing a department store we can’t help but use the glass wall as a mirror.
    Discovering so many talents using the street to express themselves using just paint.

    During the summer’s friends gather up to buy canvases and paint.
    So many different inspirational places to visit in Newyork.
    During the summer I bet you can find a stack of Uno cards or board games on the table,
    Living in this city might give you physical traits you won’t be able to see in a mirror.
    Brooklyn might even inspire you to buy your future favorite blanket.
    If you don’t already the city will pressure you into shopping for some curtains.

    I liked Danel Cabera sestina even though this assignment was tricky the topic remanded consistent. I had a hard time writing myself I must admit



    Can you believe that we all have to experience HEARTBREAK
    This only can happen when you fall in LOVE
    It is true that time heals all WOUNDS
    You tell yourself you will do BETTER
    Now the heart has to get BURIED
    How can I live with this all the TIME

    All I can think about is our TIME!
    what can be worse than a HEARTBREAK!
    All of this, do I really want BURIED?
    After all, I was deeply In LOVE
    Maybe we can make things BETTER
    I’ve had enough time to heal those WOUNDS


    Alex Cheung

    The night was dark
    Stars glowing in the night sky
    The occasional car driving by
    Sounds of crickets coming from the void
    Kids playing in the park
    Playing tag and hide and seek with friends

    Night time chilling with friends
    Talking about stuff in the dark
    Looking up at the stars staring into the void
    Kids shouting in the park
    Look it’s a blue sky
    Time is speeding by


    Ray-Ana W.

    Can you honestly answer what is LOVE
    Is it taught in institutions of EDUCATION
    Are there manuals books with RULES
    When you learn it can you really fell JOY
    As you lose it will you move FORWARD
    At the end can you say it was worth the RISKS

    I wish it was exploded in EDUCATION
    Learning of heartbreaks RISKS
    Even the overwhelming feeling of JOY
    That makes you want to LOVE
    Allowing you a path FORWARD
    All while love helps you learn its RULES


    Oscar Ramirez

    Writing this poem is going to be CHALLENGE
    The style is different from your usual POEM
    This poem follows a Sestina style of FLOW
    What does that mean, well let me EDUCATE
    It is when the last words of the fist six LINE
    Is use in a pattern for the next STANZA

    ABCDEF is the first stanza so then FAEBDC will be this STANZA
    Can you see how this could pose as a CHALLENGE
    I want this to sound good to the last LINE
    Cause this assignment is my own POEM
    I can do this I’m fully prepare and EDUCATE
    Wait, I can just use this as my FLOW


    Steven Bachoo

    Living in Queens has been very EXCITING
    There is a lot of exploring and much more to DEVELOP
    We are able to go out and do sightseeing and SOCIALIZE
    You can socialize with your FRIENDS
    Also you can go out and do some ERRANDS
    Even sit out in the night time and RELAX

    In Queens you can take a walk around the NEIGHBORHOOD
    You can take a bike ride around the BLOCK
    There is also the train station that we have HERE
    With the train you can go to Manhattan or ANYWHERE
    So you see there is a lot of stuff to take in as you go FORWARD
    The most important thing is the culture that is AROUND


    Andy Escobedo

    Discovering the LOCATION
    I see the door I OPEN
    insert the KEYS
    the smell of gas from IGNITION
    I place my foot onto the PEDAL
    steering the CAR

    enjoy the big CAR
    Pondering whats the next LOCATION
    I pressed the PEDAL
    it’s hot so windows OPEN
    I turn off the IGNITION
    closed the door I look at the KEYS

    -this is hard



    They say it is impossible, but some say to take all Risks
    To play a video game for countless of Hours
    It’s an everyday life of a Professional
    One that must always Win
    Someone who practices and has Patience
    Now many dreams to become a true Gamer

    Most think it’s always fun to be a Gamer
    They do not see all the Risks
    One must have Patience
    One must spend Hours
    Always seeking for a Win
    It’s a different life being a Professional


    Orion McCaine

    I would really not like to go to work.
    It’s just not the same as it used to be.
    Yes, things change and change can be good,
    But this is most certainly not a good one.
    Maybe everything will work out,
    But two years later, and my glimmer of hope grows dim.

    Why? Because my boss is dim.
    She never comes to work,
    But she gives us a hassle about calling out.
    She really is not a good example of what a good employee should be.
    We’re lucky if she even stays until one!
    If I had to rate her as a boss, I’d say she’s not good.

    I really used to like going in to work.
    These days, I’m not motivated to be the best employee I can be.
    Maybe she’ll quit, that would be good.


    Elizabeth Mathews

    This has been a really hard year
    My aunt passed from COVID
    I’m an essential worker
    and I’m also a full time student
    Things haven’t been easy for me these past few months
    Work, school, taking care of my parents

    I’m TIRED!
    Exhausted and really need a break from the world
    I thought through time things would get easier
    Ohh boy was I WRONG
    I just need a BREAK!


    Jason Liu

    Another day starts, what do I want?
    Time flies by, good morning, good afternoon, good night
    Just living life, figuring things out one at a time
    Missing the days that we all had fun
    It’s been a rough year, but I know we’ll pull through
    Get ready, set, go, we’re at the starting line

    They say, 6 feet apart when you’re standing in line
    Where’s the freedom man, I wanna do what I want
    But I know, soon enough our words will get through
    Seeing the stars light up the night
    I’m hoping the days to come provide us with some fun
    Pillow, blanket, bed, once again it’s that time


    Serena Ngai

    In a long silent night,
    A little child goes to sleep
    There she had a little dream,
    Where she became a star,
    And illuminated everyone like she was their light
    Which then she realized she was like the sun in the sky

    She liked being part of the sky,
    Liked the feeling of becoming someone’s light
    But she knew that she was no star,
    And what she saw was merely a dream
    So she continued to sleep,
    To not wake up in this quiet night


    Hernan Marquez

    Looking at the beautiful sunrise as I get up
    as I am determined to make a warm coffee
    I can feel good energy this morning
    Washing my face in order to feel alive
    It is Important to check emails before breakfast
    Thank you Lord for another lovely day

    Seeing people rushing to work holding a coffee
    as I am on time for work satisfied from breakfast
    It is a bright sunny day as I look up
    Listening to music as I ride the train this morning
    I hope tomorrow is as good as this day
    What a time to be alive

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