ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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    Karanjit Singh

    For me creativity is when you think outside of the box than everyone else around you and do something new. This can either be from creating a new idea or even combining ideas together to create something great that has never been done. By being creative you can solve any obstacle that comes your way and gives a difficult time. This creativity makes you stand out more among st people and be get recognized easily. By doing this it brings out the best of a person and shows their true potential.

    In my life video games, movies and cartoons have created my creativity. By watching these kind of TV it really grows your brain to think outside the box when in a tough time. Lately I have been thinking about my future, past and present ever since quarantine has started because I was always thinking I took so many things for granted before COVID started and I needed to cherish the moments I make from now on.

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