ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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  • Due by 5PM on 11/5: Three potential genres for your remix
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    1) I believe that it is the responsibility of the game company to implement new ways or systems to combat the current state of toxicity in Rocket League.
    2) Three potential genres that I might choose for my remix project are a video, presentation or an advert. I believe they are a good fit because all genres included a visual aspect. Since Rocket League is such a unique game only viewing the game for yourself will make the viewer grasp the full scope of it.
    3) The video genre sticks out the most for me.
    4)This video by Youtuber SunlessKhan is a great model for me to use if I go toward a video genre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGGjtQ6Uxr4


    Justin Andrew

    1) My call to action from the research paper was ” promoting the ideas of a better team environment, effective planning and being able to devote time to effectively brief members on projects, can greatly improve upon the quality of the team effort, and keep disruptions at a minimum.”

    2) 3 Genres I may create are a video, an audio recording, or article.

    3) The genre that appeals most to me is the video genre because I feel like producing a video would be easiest for me, as well as allow me to provide some behind the scenes scenes showing how the creation process is like as well.

    4) I don’t have a model just as yet because I want to create a combination of various different video styles.



    My Call to action thesis was finding ways to help out my discourse community ” Ayudando al necesitado”
    For this new project, we have to use a different genre to present my paper and three potential genre that I might choose for my remix are: creating an Instagram account, photo essay, a youtube video or a small documentary. I’m not really sure which one to do yet but those are the ones in mind and the Humans of New York are a great example to follow if I decide to do the account or a photo essay.


    Arturo Rosales

    1. My call to action paper was about the designer and of the video game “Fifa” aren’t giving back the players rewards they should be getting based on the amount of money they put in the game.
    2. Three potential genres I may use for the remix project would be photo essay, audio interviews or video essay.
    3. The one genre that stood out the most to me was the photo essay of “Humans of New York” making a Instagram account and interviewing people on their thoughts is a good idea for other people to see what’s it like to be around that area or facing a certain problem. Since people have access to internet or have social media it could spread quicker and more people see it than reading it in a book or newspaper.
    4. I would like to try to do the photo essay to have something similar to what humans of New York has like making a social media account and get followers to be on the same page as you on and talk about it.


    noura asad

    1. My call to action, thesis, from my research paper is the lack of recognition of City Tech’s ASAP program obtained by students.
    2. Three potential genres I may choose for my remix project are a photo essay, a poem, or a short documentary. These would be a good fit in my remix for my call to action, because they are all great ways to send my message that many students aren’t aware of the ASAP program.
    3. One genre that sticks out to me is the poem. I love free writing poems, it would be a challenge I’m willing to take to incorporate my call to action in a poem.
    4. I don’t know yet



    1) My Call-To-Action was that College Graduates aren’t given any work after college.

    2) The three genres I would use for this project are 1: Photography, video, or comic.

    3) Photography sticks out the most for me

    4) I don’t have any text models.



    1. My call to action is how restaurants around the world should apply a policy that makes every new hire watch and educate them self on a video that which they will get tested on how workers should behave in restaurant environment. And then the manager would decide whether they are qualified for the position.
    2. Three genres I am considering doing is a photo essay, a power point, or a comic.
    3. I feel like photo essay stands out the most to me because you can take photo essay and change it up like maybe make a fake Instagram and post pics with caption or just do a photo essay in a word document.
    4. A model that would help me is by looking at any well know brand Instagram page and look at there post because usually they post a picture of there product and they incorporate a short text with it.



    1. My Call to action thesis is Schools need more funding for extracurricular activities to reduce truancy.
    2. Three potential genres that I might choose for my remix project Is a photo essay, power point. These would be a good fit because the audience will be more engaged with what I have to say when they see pictures along with what I’m saying.
    3. A photo essay sticks out to me the most.
    4. https://expertphotography.com/17-photo-essay-examples-ideas/

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