ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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  • Due by 5PM on 11/5: Three potential genres for your remix
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    Amber Slater

    Hi all!

    For homework, please answer the following questions:
    1) What is the call to action (thesis) from your research paper?
    2) What are three potential genres that you might choose for your remix project? Why would these be a good fit?
    3) Does any one genre stick out to you most of all?
    4) Do you have any model texts that you might use to help you create the remix? (for example, if you want to make a photo essay, have you seen any photo essays that you might want to use as a sample as you create your own?) Feel free to post links for model texts!



    1) My thesis from my research paper is colleges should give college students who reside far from their desired college free off of metrocard fares as it could lead to stress socially and emotionally due to many of us lacking work or having access to cash.
    2) The three genres i might choose is either photo album, a video, or a short documentary
    3) The photo album sticks out to me the most due to the fact that i can interview anyone in my school which makes it easy for me to work on.
    4) I dont know


    Abass Kane

    1) The thesis of my search essay was about how to present and make valuable a product.
    2) For the remix I might choose a PowerPoint because it’s is what is used the most in the industry to make a presentation,
    a documentary video would fit because it would be like a ad that is perfect of a presentation of a new product and finally a comic.
    3) I think making a PowerPoint would stick the most because I have lot of sample to refer on and It would be easier for me knowing I have no skills in video editing.
    4) I do have some to refer to https://youtu.be/yO-8fhFIyoA


    Takira Poole

    1.There is a lack of women in technology. Through the help of programs inspiring young girls to get involved in computer related degrees, ensuring employers hire women in technology fields, and the need of more women becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg.

    2. The three genres I would choose are photo- essays, comics, and documentaries. I would choose these because they seem interesting.

    3. Photo-essay sticks out to me the most because it’s seems the easiest to do.

    4. No, I don’t have a model text.


    Elliot Vidalon

    1) My call to action was ‘Social in anime’, describing people’s perspective and reactions towards anime.
    2) Listing top best DAW software and comparing usage from artist. How to electronic produce in logic pro X.
    Reason: These two are the most familiar that I am able to discuss and use some research.
    3) I think both genre listed are best stick out for my research and experience.
    4) I know some website and images that I can use to assist my remix research.


    The 10 Best DAW Apps in the World Today



    1) The SEEK program should be more well known because in my experience very few students, specially high schoolers, know about the program. Therefore CUNY should create ads, provide informational material, and outreach to students.

    2) Three potential genres would be a video, a photo essay, or a documentary. These would be a good fit because they can enable me to present my research in a creative and fun way.

    3) I don’t have a specific genre that sticks out to me, I sorta wanna use all of them at once.

    4) I have a few model texts such as the humans of New York Instagram page shown in class and probably Thoraya Maronesy’s youtube channel, which is mostly about strangers answering questions and doing things that everyone can relate to in some way.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/thorayamaronesy

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    Leanie Tejada

    1) My call to action was to the RihannaNavy to urge them to stop demanding Rihanna to make new music and to instead embrace her new business ventures and her social activist work.

    2) I only have two potential genres that I might choose from for my remix project which is the photo-essay and the comic. I think these would be a good fit because I would prefer that my project focused more on the visual aspect.

    3) Neither genres stick out for me. I was thinking about doing a collage of images that would include Rihanna, the charity work she has done, her business ventures, and quotes that she has said. I also wanted to include symbols of the issues she supports like feminism and women of all shapes and color.

    4) A model text that I can use to help create the remix would be searching for examples of other collages.



    1) If the FIFA community stop playing the game as well as avoid purchasing FIFA points to protest the profit driven game development at Electronic Arts (EA), the company will be forced to address the unhealthy and disappointing state of the game.

    2) Three potential genre’s are photo essay, short documentaries, and comics. I chose photo essay as I believe something as simple as a photo with a caption can allow people to properly gauge the severity of the problem being discussed. For a short documentary I will be allowed a more entertaining way to address a topic and more can be learned if the audience is engaged. Finally, I would only try comics to explore the genre.

    3)Photo essays stick out to me the most due to the example I saw today from the Instagram page “humansofny”. This page used a simple photo with a caption to give me a personal experience regarding a very serious topic. If it wasn’t for this making the situation more unique I wouldn’t be as concerned about the issue because I wasn’t thinking about individuals. I would like to have an audience get a similar feeling of concern about my topic.

    4) The “humansofny” and the school lunch around the world photo essays are the only model texts I have as of right now.



    1. Without a doubt, I believe the NBA 2K developers should be more considerate and take the time to listen to the community’s ideas and petitions, in order to incorporate positive vital changes to the game, such as fixing the online servers for smoother gameplay with friends on certain game modes, create less-expensive and convenient prices for online transactions, and adding new features to the game that will have a high chance of appealing to the public.

    2. The three genres I would consider to do for this project are song, photo essays, and video performances.

    3. The song genre stands out because I’m most acquainted with making music, so this skill will make it easy for me to complete this project effectively.

    4. A model piece of work I could use to help is on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw6NU1wl_BY
    (My song will definitely not be as vulgar as this one lol)



    1. How to develop better classes or programs for those students whose second language is English.
    2. Photo essays and powerpoint because I can explain it better b using these genres.
    3. Both can be helpful but l believe right now powerpoint will be better for my topic until I find a better on.
    4. I don’t have anything right now.


    C Pichardo

    The call to action (thesis) from my research paper is, ” Is it ethical to keep animals as pets?” One potential genre I thought of includes the use of visual and writing modes; drawing as a media. I believe drawing would be a good fit because it will give me an opportunity to be creative/expressive in a way that is familiar to me, and that I value. Also, having visual genres tend to give people more of a shock value. It would get them thinking about an issue or anything the person that created that genre is trying to portray. A lot of the time, when people just read or hear about an issue or anything else, it may not effect them the same way because they don’t truly see the consequences of an issue. For example, if you tell an individual about how farm animals are mistreated, many won’t care until they see the horrible visuals in video clips, documentaries or photos in that said topic. Another potential genre I’m considering is photo essay because it seems like a powerful yet simple genre remix choice. Taking photos seems like a simple task; I have some ideas on how I can take basic photos of things accessible to me, and elaborate my idea about the photo in powerful, thought invoking paragraphs; get people thinking about rather simple images in a way that may invoke some emotions; appealing to pathos. I also thought of doing the same thing, but instead of paragraphs, keeping the text rather short and turning it into an ad. I kind of see the photo essay and ad ideas almost as the same idea because they seem rather similar in my minds eye. The last potential genre I chose was to make a statue that combine both visual and written because it will include words. If I decide to go that route, I need to think further into what materials would be used, and what significance do they have. Out of all genres I suppose , the statue idea stands out the most because it would be something new I would try, and materials used during the project cold be rather interesting/unique. It is however a close tie with photo essay and ad idea because the amount of shock value and appeal to pathos makes that idea stand pretty strongly against the statue idea. There are no model texts I’ve chosen to help me create the remix. I may, however, come across something as I search for more information regarding my call to action paper.

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    Haifa Mahmoud

    1) My call to action (thesis) for my research paper is that there needs to be more money invested in CUNY funding for City Tech because of the buildings’ current condition.
    2) Three potential genres for my remix project are either a photo essay, powerpoint, or video. I would use one of these because they are an effective way to convey my message.
    3) One genre that sticks out to me the most is the photo essay.
    4) A model text I might use is humansofny or another resource seen in class.



    1. My thesis statement is how to get more people to participate in CREAR Futuros.
    2. My three potential genres that i might choose is power point, photo essay, or art projects that uses words or pictures.
    3. one genre that sticks to me is power point because it is a visual that shows pictures and can be a creative of how i want to design it.
    4. My model text would be power point.


    Farai Matangira

    1. My call to action was addressing All-Nighter culture among Architecture Students at City Tech.
    2. The 3 potential genres I could use to remix the project include; a photo essay, audio interviews, or illustrative diagrams.
    3. The genre that stands out to me the most is the photo essay similar to the Humans Of NY Instagram page. I prefer this one because i can interview students and include pictures of them working in the studio for the context of architecture studio life.
    4. The Humans of NY Instagram page is a great example of how I could remix y project.


    Pema Choesang

    1. My call to action thesis from my research paper is how to encourage more people to participate in community activities and what we can do to eliminate deficit of budget in the discourse community.
    2. The three potential genres that i might choose are powerpoint, photo essay and video performance.
    3. The genre that stand out to me the most is photo essay since it seems little easier and more convenient to work out.
    4) I do not know. I have not yet encountered any.

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