ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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  • Due 5PM on 11/17: Analyze TED talk
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    Amber Slater

    Hi all!

    This is the last OpenLab homework of the semester!!

    Please answer these two questions:

    1. Watch Greta Thunberg’s TED talk on the Course Calendar with Readings. Pick a moment when she uses one of the rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) well. Quote what she says and explain why that’s an effective use of the rhetorical appeal.

    2. How can you effectively use rhetorical appeals in your own remix project? Which rhetorical appeal do you think that you’ll use the most?



    1) “Instead of looking for hope, look for action, then and only then hope will come.” This is an effective use of pathos because it makes people think about their way of living. Do they hope for things to change while they are doing absolutely nothing about it and complain or do they actually put in the work that’s necessary for that change. The fact that it’s a little girl that’s not “normal” saying these things and meaning them. It kinda should make people realize that there’s no excuse to not advocate and bring the change they want to see in the world.

    2) I could use rhetorical appeals in a few ways for my remix. I could use facts about my topic to convey logos or use multiple students and staff personal experiences and mostly people with high titles for ethos and pathos. I think I am going to use pathos the most.


    Elliot Vidalon

    1) “We’ve had 30 years of pep-talking and selling positive ideas and I’m sorry but it doesn’t work because if it would have the emissions would have gone down by now, they haven’t.” This quote is most likely to be a logos effect because she explains to her audience something that we’ve never thought that our eco-solutions for the environment could’ve done so much damage to climate change. I’ll have to admit that this fact is so far very concerning for not just for me but for those who are willing to save earth’s life source. It’s a harsh reality that we rely on emissions for fuel resource such as electricity, gas, heater, etc and using those common resource can face though some consequences, its like draining the earth’s life fuel and wasting it following to damaging the climate habits.

    2) I could use both logos and ethos as my rhetorical appeal in my own remix. I can use the number of population who are interesting in these categories as a logos effect and a bit of ethos to convince people to feel free to join the community. Overall, I think logo will be my first target.


    Abass Kane

    1) The moment i pick is “The year 2078, I will celebrate my 75th birthday, if I have children or grandchildren, maybe they will spend that day with me. Maybe they will ask me about you, the people who were around back in 2018. Maybe they will ask why you didn’t do anything while there still was time to act. What we do or don’t do will affect my entire life and the lives of my children and grand children. What we do or not do right now y generation can’t undo”. I think this quote is an effective use of the pathos. She or he people who wrote that speech for her are trying to play with our feelings. They want to make us feel guilty about privatizing her of a bright future. A future where she would have children and grand children because we are not doing anything right now. Also by her speech we can see us ourselves, our little brothers and sisters, our kids maybe who are also pat of that future she is describing.
    2) I will certainly use rhetorical appeals in my for my remix. I may use logos so I can show example of our work and achievement and most of pathos because i will be show people feelings and though in the remix.


    Leanie Tejada

    1) I chose “Furthermore does hardly anyone speak about the fact that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, with up to 200 species going extinct every single day, that the extinction rate today is between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than what is seen as normal”. This quote is an effective use of logos because of her use of facts and statistics to prove that climate change is affecting everything. It is affecting different species and thus causing them to go extinct at alarming rates and no one is addressing this situation.

    2) I could use ethos as my rhetorical appeal for my remix. Since my remix would be about Rihanna, it would include ethos because she is a credible celebrity. I would demonstrate this with the use of images of her achievements.



    1) “Instead of looking for hope, look for action and only then hope will come” This quote is an effective use of pathos because it makes the audience think about the well being of the Earth and make them think about ways in which they can save the earth.

    2) For my remix about school funding, I could use rhetorical appeals such as logos and pathos to get my message across. I can use facts from research and ask rhetorical questions that will make the audience think.


    Justin Andrew

    1) At the 4:20 minute mark she mentions “the extinction rate is between 1,000 and 10,000 times as what we see as normal.” This quote utilizes logos as it introduces an alarming statistic. This is an effective rhetorical appeal as it introduces a fact to convey to the audience that climate change has had a largely significant impact on the world and organisms living on it. By mentioning this, she may persuade the audience to take action or push for reforms.

    2) The rhetorical appeals that I would probably use is logos and ethos. Since My goal is to inform, I don’t see a need for pathos as everything will be primarily based on facts. Due to this, I would assume that I would have a lot of logos in my remix project.



    1) “Instead of looking for hope, look for action, then and only then hope will come.” This is a powerful utilization of pathos since it makes individuals consider their method for living. Accomplish they trust in things to change while they are failing to address it and whine or do they really place in the work that is essential for that change. The way that it’s a young lady that is not “ordinary” expressing these words and importance them. It kinda should cause individuals to understand that there’s no reason to not advocate and bring the change they need to find on the planet.
    2) The rhetorical appeals I will use are pathos,logos,and ethos. I use pathos in order to get the audience to feel and show emotion for those my project is on.



    “Rich countries like Sweden need to start reducing emissions by at least 15% every year. And that is so that we can stay below a two-degree warming target.” this quote is mostly used logos because she wanted to let people that if all the rich countries like Sweden started taking action about climate change and started to follow the Paris Agreement we can solve half of our daily problem. By doing this they not just going to help their country and people also the whole world. If one big country started taking action and changes some laws then others will inspire or get pressure to follow.

    The rhetorical appeal that I can use most effectively is logos because I can show people why that we need to develop better classes or programs for those students whose second language is English. In my remix paper logos can be very useful.


    Takira Poole

    1) The quote ” What we do or don’t do right now will affect my entire life and the lives of my children and grandchildren. ” This quote appeals to pathos because we always strive for greatness when we talk about the future. This is scary for us because we want our future kids to have a great life.

    2) I would use ethos for my remix project because I am using credible people and I would use pathos because I want to appeal to people’s sense of excitement of change.



    1. At 5:35, Greta asks two morality striking questions: Are we knowingly causing a mass extinction? Are we evil? These, to me, are perfect pathos examples because she is trying to target the audience’s emotions towards not caring about making a difference in the amount of resources we use daily, which is increasing the average temperature of the world rapidly. Industries, world leaders, and countries are not taking action in enforcing certain restrictions that should slow down the yearly increase in temperature.

    2. I can effectively use rhetorical appeals in my remix project to captivate my target audience and get them to feel my frustration, the 2K community’s frustrations of the game NBA 2K, as well as the attitude that the game developers give off whenever the community tries to stand up and retaliate against the unapproved changes to the game. I will most likely be using the pathos rhetorical appeal the most out of the others.



    “Furthermore does hardly anyone speak about the fact that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, with up to 200 species going extinct every single day.” This quote uses logos because it gives people a sense of knowledge that if we don’t make a change, more species will become extinct. For my remix about photo essays and why we should get metro cards, I would use ethos as it would make others feel a sense of sadness due to then fact that we cannot get metro cards for free.



    1) “Yet, as the IPCC have recently demonstrated, aiming instead for 1.5 degrees Celsius would significantly reduce the climate impacts.” Although she didn’t give all the metadata for the information given, this is an effective use of logos. Giving the conclusion of data gathered by an organization that uses the resources of several top nations is hard to refute. Furthermore, by using this in the front end of her speech she built on the foundation of facts and evidence which led to a more solid argument.

    2) For my remix I will try to use ethos in order to show the audience I have the credentials to speak about my topic and for the community involved. Although I will hopefully get a chance to use all rhetorical appeals, ethos will probably be the most important one.


    Haifa Mahmoud

    1) “Instead of looking for hope, look for action, then and only then hope will come.” This is an effective use of pathos because it allows the listeners to really sit and ponder over this quote. It shows how hope is not there unless there is action being taken to change something.
    2) I can effectively use rhetorical appeals in my remix project to get my message across to the readers. It will develop my project and make it more persuasive. I think I will use pathos and logos the most in my project.


    Arturo Rosales

    1. Around minute 4.30 she says “Nor does hardly anyone ever speak about the aspect of equity or climate justice clearly stated everywhere in the Pairs Agreement, which is absolutely necessary to make it work on a global scale” when she talks about the Pairs Agreement shes telling the audience that there’s a law about climate change and politicians haven’t made a change to speak about climate change. Furthermore, she explains how rich countries should reduce emissions for the rich countries so that poorer countries can not be facing troubles in their homes. Then she talks about her future how it can be ruin if people don’t start taking action today and i think it’s effective because the audience gets to listen to her complaints and facts she has about climate change since she’s a young girl.
    2.I feel like logos would be more useful for me in my remix project because i can get information and share it to the audience, for people to listen to the problems someone is facing or they can just learn something new like the video about the girl talking about climate change.

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