ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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  • Due 5PM on 11/12: Analyze art projects
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    Amber Slater

    Hi all!

    Take a look at the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” and “Know Your Rights” art projects on the course calendar. Then answer the following questions:

    1. To what extent do you think visual art has the power to create social change?
    2. Pick one image from the two art projects that you think is particularly interesting or effective. Describe the image and explain what makes that image interesting or effective to you.


    Leanie Tejada

    Visual art has more power to create social change because it’s short and simple for people to understand. In this day and age, not many people don’t actually take the time to stop and read something that can make a difference. The first thing that anyone will notice is visual art because it will be large and bold compared to text. I found the “Know Your Rights” art projects interesting and effective because there were multiple murals around New York, so if someone were to travel to certain places and see the same murals every day, then the message they are trying to portray will stick in their heads. Also, all the murals had clear, bold images and words of what their positive message is trying to portray. They make sure that viewers understand their message so that they can know in the future.



    1) Visual art can create social change because the images portray pathos and the information provided shows logos. Visual art can be used to give awareness like the ones used in those art projects. Not only do they inform possible future victims to their rights and how to use them, it also does it in a way to grab their attention quickly and for a good amount of time. It gets people thinking and you can somewhat see those issues through the eyes of the artists.

    2) The first that was interesting and effective to me was the image of the woman in the “ Stop Telling Women to Smile” art project. It caught my attention because as a woman in America, I can relate to it. When I am walking on the street alone, some men often tell me to put a smile on my face or why do I look so frowny. I sometimes smile when I notice that they’re just trying to be nice but ignore the ones that are rude about it. I feel like a lot of men feel like women owe them the world and that they have power over us with even a simple thing as our facial expression and that angers me. Therefore the fact that this art piece shows that this woman is not smiling despite the fact that’s what’s expected of her shows power and liberty to me.

    The second art project that was interesting and effective to me was the one with “ know your rights” in bold and with a girl in the front holding a megaphone and advocating for her rights. I like the fact that there’s more than one thing happening. You can see the different rights written, someone getting arrested, a camera which shows that everything can and should be recorded, people protesting and especially the girl which shows me that women should not only get mad about all the prejudice against them but they should also speak up and fight, they are never too young to do so. Under it there’s also a yellow box that says “Justice for Trayvon and Ramarley” This shows to me that the justice system can also be corrupted and these two young men were sadly victims of that. That’s one of the reasons why we all should be cautious about these things, especially black males. This piece is very informational and creative and I also like the fact that the Instagram page of the artist was written, where you can go and see more of her art.


    noura asad

    1. Visual art can create major social change because images using words can create an emotional effect on others. People tend to notice things and analyze the little details more visually than something just written. For instance, visual art attracts the public, mostly teenagers because it could be a form of meaning in a drawing or picture. More people would pay attention to important news or ads through images rather than written text.



    I believe Art does not show people what to do, but engaging with a good work of art can connect us to our senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling can make us thinking, engagement, and even action. Art is something that can say more than words. If we look back to our history we will find many different arts that help to change courses of our history. Art is always simple and right at the point so people can understand even they might not speak the same language.
    I like the image South Bronx 2 from “People’justices for Community Control and Police Accountability” the art says everyone has the right to take pictures and film police activity. L like it because it gives a message that someone feels that their abuse by the police officer or someone else they should take out their phone and take pictures or recode video as evidence. Also, the image has a red background so it can take everyone’s attention. It let people know their rights. Also, don’t just be a bystander and watch injustice happen in front of you.


    C Pichardo

    1. To what extent do you think visual art has the power to create social change?

    Visual art can be a very powerful medium. It can inspire and influence other people; spark something inside of them. Because it consists of imagery, it can prove to be extremely influential, as it paints a picture of an idea, feeling, etc. that words cannot; and as humans, the majority of us are extremely receptive to visual as that is our primary sense; that and touch. Because of the amount of shock value visual art can hold, it can potentially make a difference in the world as people will take notice when compared to other forms of mode. People usually tend to notice art because of color, texture, etc., and we are drawn to notice things in our surroundings as it is natural to us as a species and as living things; nature made us to be keenly aware of our surroundings. Visual art tends to be up to the interpretation of the receiver, even when a topic for the art is obvious; like for example, it is obvious the topic of the posters are on women and harassment because of choice of wording and imagery. However, it still leaves room for the imagination. Because art is such an engaging thing when it comes to the stimulation of ones mind and thought processes, it can easily evoke all appeals depending on the art itself ( appeals – pathos, logos, ethos). Art can influence change especially when it evokes feelings; all it takes is for a dedicated individual who got inspired by a pathos appeal to make change, or influence many individuals who can make change by working together. Thus making it an excellent platform for political, social etc. change in the world.

    2. Pick one image from the two art projects that you think is particularly interesting or effective. Describe the image and explain what makes that image interesting or effective to you.

    I found both art projects interesting and effective, but to just choose one to answer this questions, I’d choose one from the Know Your Rights art project murals; one of the Hunts Point murals located in the Bronx; that is in my neighborhood; I live in the South Bronx. The imagery can be described as a police officer searching through a mans bag, and harassing the man in general. A bystander seems to be recording the scene. There are words that state, “Know Your Rights”, and, “You Have The Right To Watch & Film Police Activities.” Police activity in this section is high due to there being a higher crime rate and it being located in a poor neighborhood. I feel a lot the time people are harassed by police in my neighborhood just because they are from the neighborhood, and police tend to assume they are being involved in things they shouldn’t be involved in, or just enjoy harassing people; as some police officers let their power corrupt them. This mural is interesting to me because I admire what the text and imagery tell the community. A lot of the time, the community feels threatened by the police even though they should make us feel safe, not threatened. The mural tells us its okay to engage in our rights; it also acts as a safety blanket to the community because it is publicized – even the cops can see it! This aids in helping us feel protected; especially when the mural is not illegal and will not be taken down. A lot of the time, because of instilled fear that the police invoke in us because of our learned societal assumptions, observations or personal experience, we don’t act on our rights even though we are put into situation in which we should (like being harassed by police),;and this art piece can potentially encourages people to do so. I feel, personally, it encourages me to act on my rights. It also educates the community that doesn’t know or is unsure about their rights so that they have the knowledge to protect themselves or others in future situations if need be. I also appreciate (if my interpretation of the art piece is correct) that it seems that a bystander is recording the police activity, which can potentially encourage the community to help each other if something similar were to arise. It strengthens the community bond, and we work better as a whole to make social change; especially when we lack the popularity or power, or even ideas as individuals to make any serious change; working together strengthens our potential to make change, and get us noticed.

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    Visual art has more energy to create social change because it’s short and simple for people to understand. In this day and age, no longer many people don’t certainly take the time to cease and read some thing that can make a difference. The first component that all and sundry will notice is visible artwork due to the fact it will be giant and bold in contrast to text. I located the “Know Your Rights” art initiatives fascinating and tremendous because there had been a couple of murals round New York, so if anybody have been to journey to certain places and see the same murals each day, then the message they are making an attempt to portray will stick in their heads. Also, all the murals had clear, daring snap shots and phrases of what their high quality message is making an attempt to portray. They make sure that viewers recognize their message so that they can comprehend in the future.



    1. Visual art is powerful because its easier to understand when looking at the images of the picture.
    2. i found two images from, “Stop telling Women To Smile” one picture in Mexico city, Laura from 2014 and another that is from Chicago 2013 Diana both images are effective because they are both visuals are better understood through images rather than words.


    Takira Poole

    1. Visual images keep people up to date on current issues. Its more powerful than written words because anybody can look at a picture and understand what’s going on in that image. Visual art does have the power to bring social change because it bring awareness to a certain issue and it makes people stop and think. Therefore, visual art definitely bring social change.

    2. The poster from ” Stop Telling Women to Smile” with different women of different ethnicities having the caption under there picture ” My body is not an invitation”, ” You can keep your thoughts on my body to your self “, and ” Women are not outside for your entertainment”. This image is very effective because it bring awareness to cat calling and sexual harassment. These visual images help other to understand what women go through. The mural from ” Know Your Rights ” depicts a boy getting arrested and his friends are telling him make sure you get his badge number and name. This help other people to know what you are suppose to do if they ever get in this situation.


    Abass Kane

    The power of visual is this easy way to be understood but also is more attractive and easy to be memorize. It can bring social change because it can shock and a were people about the message we trying to send. For example showing pictures about death animals caused by the pollution or climatic changes is easier that to do long speech to people.
    The image from “Stop telling a woman to smile” are both effective. Capturing people from different ethnicities with a caption “my body is not an invitation” is very significant knowing nowadays how some women are abused without being able to talk about because it is a taboo in the society.



    1. To what extent do you think visual art has the power to create social change? through art, we can express so much and a more meaningful way. Art nowadays holds a very significant role in our society. on some occasions, it’s easier to relate to a piece of art than to relate to something written. Usually, the work of Arts hold powerful meaning that can captivate the mind and because of that, it has the power to create a social change.
    2. One of the images from the two art projects interests me the most is “WOMEN ARE NOT OUTSIDE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT” Nirali, 2013 NewYork City.



    1) I believe visual art can educate people which can cause social change. Social interactions change when people learn and develop new outlooks or enhance old views. Someone who is exposed to knowledge by any mode can go on to share it with others and enhance the perspective of those around them which could result in social changes.

    2) The image from the “Know Your Rights” mural is a woman with a microphone spreading information that could be useful when having encounters with police officers. I found this mural interesting because it supported my take on how visual art can cause social change because the mural is educating people. The information she is sharing isn’t necessarily common knowledge. With this information people can change their perspective on the situation and respond differently in similar scenarios. Wide-spread change in perspective, caused by visual art such as this mural is an intriguing possibility that highlights the power of information through any mode.


    Arturo Rosales

    1. I think visual art can be powerful enough to change a society, depending on how you see art. A museum has different visual art that make us look back at the history there was and has had many changes to the society, street art can change peoples perspective of things like the way one someone dress or lives their life. Visual arts is something easy to figure out because there can be many things in that one piece of art you see and it’s mostly creative art people make to get a message out of them.
    2.In “Stop telling women to smile” project I found the art from Mexico City where a women with hair is on a poster that says “Yo Merezco ser Respectada” effective because it looks like women in Mexico aren’t being treated with respect. It seems like she’s talking about herself and all the women out there. It’s a big poster on a wall and it looks like no one has damage it unlike the other posters.
    In know your rights mural I found the Sunset park 2016 1 and 2, it says that know your rights and includes 7 rules you could follow that are your rights. It’s a nice art project that the kids came up with this and put it up on a wall with a message to the society telling them or reminding about their rights.


    Haifa Mahmoud

    1) I think visual art is powerful enough to create social change because it allows for people to mentally remember the image they saw as pictures are easier to remember than words. It causes people to stop and look at the art and allows them to speak on the issues that are right infront of them. It also brings awareness to problems that some people may not know about. I think its effective in bringing awareness and providing knowledge on issues faced in society through visually appealing art.
    2) One image that I found particularly interesting was “Women are not outside for your entertainment.” I found this interesting because it effectively shows how some men and people in general act a certain way towards women. They openly disrespect women when they cat-call or throw out comments to women passing instead of allowing a woman to peacefully walk in the street. Women do not go outside for men’s entertainment and I feel like some men fail to realize that women hold the same responsibilities as men and have things to do when they are outside, they are not outside for your entertainment. Therefore, I think it was a smart way to catch the attention of people and really have them thinking about this topic.


    Farai Matangira

    Using visual art for social change is very powerful in the sense that it can leave a mental image of the cause in people’s heads. The use of visual art is a more creative and less mundane way to deliver a message than an essay or news article. In today’s world where there is almost way too much information and people have very short attention spans, using visual art for spreading a message is an effective way to get their attention. People are also generally more drawn to images and art than text. (Think of memes)

    The cover for “Stp Telling Women to Smile” is particularly more interesting and effective in my opinion. The sketch of the woman is very bold and the text behind the white background immediately grabs your attention. The expression on the sketch of the woman also shows the seriousness of the issue and the cover would not have been interesting if it was simply filled with text. All in all, it is a very effective way to raise awareness and makes people more curious to find out more about the cause.

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