ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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  • Analysis of Army ad
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    We all see ads every day and everywhere but very few times we think about how these ads have effect one us. Most of us see marketing ads all the time and these kinds of ads made by private companies to sell their products but very few of us see ads made by the government. Those of us who sene the government ads its most about attracted men population to join any military balance. Now the military makes very few ads but during WWI and WWI army made lots of ads and some of them get really famous like. “I want you” ad used during WWI and WWII. The ad depicts Uncle Sam, dressed in very patriotic clothing, pointing at the reader and saying “I WANT YOU FOR U.S. ARMY”.The most apparent symbol is that of Uncle Sam himself. He has, and will forever be used as a symbol of America. His top hat covered in stars and red, white, and blue clothing makes him perfectly connect to the flag. His old age and face remind us of our founding father, always depicted as old men with big white hair. Saying that Uncle Sam wants you actually mean that America wants you. Now Americans didn’t make any new ads after the Iraq war. But this one ad helps Americans to get lots of manpower in the war.

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