ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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    Amber Slater

    Hi everybody!

    Look at the chart on page 32. Pick an ad and write about the rhetorical situation (purpose, audience, rhetorical appeals, modes and media) and the genre conventions (common examples, style, design, sources).

    If the ad is a youtube video or a link, please post it! I haven’t figured out how to post pictures here yet, but if somebody does please let me know!

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    today i was walking to the train stations after my last class and i notice this ad outside the train station. And it looked like a logo of a regular Burger king, looked like any Burger. with bold words called the Impossible Whopper. it is a rhetorical situation, it draws those who are not in to meat and others who like Berger king. along with its visual features , some of you may have seen it the commercial. with a comment next to the Burger 100% Whopper 0% beef, and a little logo of burger king. with a lot of words repeated impossible added with color in the background.its a logos because it is a fact the burger is 0% beef and pathos because it draws excitement to those who want to try it.



    As I was going through Twitch, a platform where people stream video games, the first thing I was introduced to was an ad for a video game called Monster Hunter World Iceborn. It was a short video where they showed some of its gameplay, and huge bold words colored in blue popped up as I watched it. The rhetorical situation of this was the bits of gameplay that they showed off, drawing toward the action to watch it. Its purpose is to get people to buy this game, its audience is intended for gamers and people who watch on the platform. The rhetorical appeal of this game has been built on Capcom, a video game company that’s been around since 1979, the ad instills excitement from the short burst of gameplay, and they’ve made a previous game, Monster Hunter World, which has been known to be a good game. The mode of the ad was exciting music, with an icy blue color on the bold words, while the media was shown through a streaming platform, Twitch. The genre of this ad was subject to entertainment, and the common elements in it were the colors being cool and icy, while the gameplay was focused on hunting monsters and beasts; the style on how it was communicated was through quick shown words, and bits of gameplay, the design of the ad was also complimentary toward the game’s design, on how it was focused on hunting animals in an ice-age style world.


    Haifa Mahmoud

    I was on Instagram, scrolling, when an advertisement for Apple popped up. It was a simple picture of the iPhone XR in several different colors. The background was black, then about 3 colors of the XR were lined up next to each other. It said “iPhone XR, Buy Now.” It’s a rhetorical situation in which the brand wants others to switch to iPhone or users to upgrade to a better version. The mode of this advertisement was visual, and the media was digital. The ad was a visual picture on my phone while I was scrolling through social media. The audience intended for this ad are people who have an older version of an iPhone, those who do not have iPhone, and basically anyone who can afford this item. The rhetorical appeal is ethos because the company, Apple, has a lot of credibility due to the fact that most people have iPhones and are familiar with this brand. The genre of this ad is technology. The common elements are the vibrant colors and sleek design of the iPhone. The style of this ad was simple, and straight to the point. The design was colorful, and the text was bold.


    Elliot Vidalon

    So like everyone else I suppose, I was on my phone on youtube and their way an 30 sec ad that I end up watching it and liking the video. The genre is supposed to be comedy and I really want to talk about it. The name of the ad video is “Don’t Let Your Mattress Steal Your Sleep” from a bed company “Purple”. I recommend watching it for yourselves, and I’ll leave the link below after the explanation. I can assure that this is a rhetorical situation because during the video it seem that from the begin to end focuses what the bed can do for everyone’s betterment. The purpose is that their beds are indeed comfortable and irresistible that you won’t break a sweat trying “Purple”. In these circumstances, the audience are the public because it’s of course an ad for everyone to watch by their free will and who else can they think of. The rhetorical appeals in this video seem to convince for people that this bed will save you time for life time or as “Purple”/the video ad can rephrase that, “Skip the criminal record and try Purple risk-free for 100 nights. Shop Now.” The ethos in this ad are the robbers and the police because oftenly a criminal and police situation have a rocky relationship but you find it unusual see both of them sleeping in peace without a haste. The pathos according to the ad is people who watches this video seem not to result an negative impact but rather positive and I assume people would feel quite relief. The logo is- there is really any logos I can think of because first of all the robbers and the police seems to be in no haste in action but rather relief themselves in bed and of course it seems to be indirect from reality. Besides all that, this is all the best I can describe for this youtube ad and I hope you’ll all enjoy watching this video ad for yourselves.

    Purple’s ad vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B-h_1oczOQ


    Takira Poole

    I was on Snapchat, scrolling and I found an ad for Starling Bank. The ad discusses how you can spend with your mobile wallet and spend internationally with no charges to your card.The purpose of the ad is to get people to bank with them because it’s much easier than normal banks. The audience is for people who travel and are looking for easier ways to bank. The Rhetorical appeals is ethos because Starling Bank came in second place for consumers that approve app usability.The mode of this advertisement was visual and the media was digital. The common examples was a phone with a virtual wallet to show you how the wallet works. The style was bold white letters. The design was green and white.


    Pema Choesang

    Yesterday when i was returning from the work, i saw this ad of Blackberry keyone phone inside the subway station. It was just a picture of guy holding the phone with its brief written features. It’s a rhetorical situation intending to attract attention of the subway’s passengers to make them want to buy the product. The Rhetorical appeals is ethos since it is manufactured by well known company. The mode of this advertisement was visual. The genre of this ad is technology. The common elements were images, text, and colors. The different formats, colors allow the design to be more effective.



    I was on YouTube, and decided to watch a music video when an ad came up, it is an website called, monday.com. It’a platform used for managers to maintain and organize their group projects. The purpose of the ad is a platform that makes teamwork easier, meeting deadlines, and customizes platforms. The audience would be for managers who want an easier way to organize and manage their group projects. The rhetorical appeal would be pathos because in the ad it shows a person talking about the hassles of putting the group together, and she found monday.com very useful for her projects, and anyone who sees this would think that this ad could lead them to a better solution as to how to handle their team and progress. The mode of this ad was visual and the media is digital. The common examples are graphs and computers. The design is in green background with people and words in front of them. The style is with bold white letters.


    Leanie Tejada

    Today I saw this ad on TV for the Walgreens flu fighter. It included these scenes of families being together, spending time with each other, enjoying themselves and all these people had a red bandage on their arm that said “Walgreens Flu Fighter”. It’s a rhetorical situation intended to persuade the viewers to go down to their local Walgreens and get their flu shots. The rhetorical appeals shown are ethos and pathos. In the ad, there are doctors administrating the shots which show the credibility of Walgreens. However there are multiple scenes of happy families, children playing, a pregnant woman getting her shot. Thus, viewers can assume that Walgreens is trying to communicate to parents and families and their secondary audience, anyone who needs to get a flu shot. The genre of this ad is family and health. The mode was visual, video, and text and the mode was digital to attract more viewers. The design was the repeating use of red because it’s a part of the Walgreens logo. The source material was from personal experience because they mainly showed the daily interaction of people and how getting a flu shot affects their life.


    noura asad

    I seen this ad multiple times in the train on my way to school. “Casper’s” new puzzle ads really make you think to figure out the picture puzzles. The audience are the public, those who use the subway as a daily transportation to get to work or school, and people who may be interested in the product the ad is portraying, SLEEP. Everyone loves sleep so what better way to get people to shop for mattresses and beddings than solving fun puzzles as to why “Casper’s” would be the reason for your beauty sleep. In this case it’s a rhetorical situation intended to persuade the public to switch from their boring mattresses and beddings to something more comfortable and exciting. The rhetorical appeal are the picture puzzles. Nothing but colors and pictures or symbols of all sorts to catch the public’s eye. Their way of persuading the public, when you stop and stare to think of what the puzzle means you don’t stop till you’ve solved puzzle after puzzle and had a good laugh. Therefore, making you visit their website to compare your puzzle answers. The rhetorical appeal shown is pathos because it grabs your attention and can have your mind filled with different emotions. The mode of this ad is visual, pictures and the media was simple, a bunch of signs on the train. The style and design is straight forward, filled with colors and all types of different pictures, with no writing so there is no way you’ll be distracted from solving each puzzle. The genre of this ad is health, mentally and physically, sleep.


    Abass Kane

    Today I was coming back from school and I saw on the E train that ad about vaccination. The first thing that kept my attention was the picture of 6 kids of about 12 years old. They all were from différents background. Some was Spanish one of the girl had a Burqa. Each one was smile with back packs looking like they came from school. The rhetorical appeal was the ethos because that ad is from The NYC department of health. Also it call the pathos for me seeing all those kids different from were their came really touched me. The mode of the media was visual. The audience that it call is the parents for them to vaccinate their child but also for everyone that using the subways. The style was very simple and colorful.



    While I was on the 5 train, I saw an ad for a dating app called Hinge. The ad uses a few phrases to show their primary audience how much they care about them getting into a relationship and they don’t care as much for them to keep the app afterwards. The phrases or slogans are as follows ” The dating app designed to be deleted, Hinge.”, ” Find each other make us go extinct.” ” Let the sparks fly. We won’t feel a thing.”
    The purpose of that ad is to get single people to download Hinge in order to find a partner. The primary audience are single people and the secondary audience are non singles and anyone else that sees it. The ad portrays ethos by showing couples that have used the app and it worked so well for them that they don’t need it anymore. It uses pathos by showing that the couples that have used the app are happy together and really enjoy each other’s company. Logos isn’t part of the ad. The mode and media are visual, text and obviously ad. The composer might have chosen visual and text because it’s easier and quicker to grab people’s attention and sometimes inevitable. It makes the app sound fascinating, it makes the audience want to try it out to figure out what causes them to be so confident about its effects. The patterns that I noticed are that for each different couple, they show a different dating spot and they showed a type of box with eyes, the letter H (Hinge) and how it’s being destroyed. The style used is both first and third person, informal, and basic vocabulary. Bright colors are used as attention grabbers and there are no sources included.



    While scrolling through Instagram I saw an ad for M&Ms new chocolate minis. The ad promoted a smaller version of M&Ms in a resealable container. The ad made the M&Ms spin around for a bit then expanded the M&Ms logo fit the entire post. The purpose of the ad was to introduce M&Ms latest product. The audience was the general public but could also be targeting people who already enjoy regular sized M&Ms. I would say the rhetorical appeal is ethos because the product is from the M&Ms company. Most people are familiar with M&Ms, therefore, are more prone to choose it over some random candy company. The mode is visual and the media is an Instagram ad/post. The design of the post was bright and colorful and use motion to capture the audience’s attention. The style was also humorous with the voice-over of a person saying “Your favorite just mini” in a loony tunes kind of tone. Overall the message was short and straight to the point.



    While listening to a shuffled playlist on SoundCloud one day, I was interrupted by a 30-second ad that was trying to give information about the negative effects of vaping, and persuade the targeted audience to stop vaping. This target audience that the ad referred to was mainly teenagers and young adults, who happen to be the leading users of juuls and wax pens. There were visuals of a nasty, colorless substance entering a bloodstream known as formaldehyde, which is actually used in building materials and produces many housing products. The substance has the destructive ability to cause irritation and damage to the lining of the nose and throat upon inhalation. It can even cause caner too. The ad was trying to make an appeal to the audience’s emotions and mindset by throwing negative statistics and studies at them, followed by personal accounts of people who tried vaping, including their family members, who all suffered grave fates. This was intended to alert whomever was watching/listening to this ad and prevent them from going down the same path others went, or better yet saving lives. I also noticed that the ad was “speaking” to me in second person, but with a formal tone. Most likely this was another method used in order to get personal and close to the target audience. I thought it was a genius idea because it puts a sense of fear and awareness within the mind of the listener/viewer, making them second guess their thoughts of vaping, and consider the repercussions of doing it. In closing, I think the ad was well put together, and it was successful in getting to the point, and sounding as convincing as possible in preventing more and more people from slowly throwing their lives away through the action of vaping.


    Arturo Rosales

    When I watch Youtube on on my phone I usually see different ads on the home page, but this time I took a closer look st eh ad and it showed a picture of “Baker Mayfield” a football player star who was in a press conference for Hulu. There was a wall paper behind him that says “Hulu” and “Has Live Sports”, and there’s a suit case full of money that says ” Cancel Cable. Keep Live TV.” This is a rhetorical situation because it shows people can watch live sports on Hulu and they also have a football star as their main attention to convince people to cancel their cable and switch. Although this advertisement is mainly for football fans to switch to Hulu to save money, which is ethos since they used a football star and pathos for those who want to see the NFL at a cheaper cost. The media of this ad was posted on Youtube and mode is visual, Hulu used a lot of green for this ad and used the phrase “Has Live Sports” everywhere.

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