ENG 1121 D440 Fall 2019

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  • Due on 9/15 by 5PM: Response to Straub
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    Writing to me I feel like a huge thing. There are a lot of things that could be said or explained better when you write. When you write you can always go back and fix things, add things make it better better. Writing is nice.
    “He makes twenty-two comments on the paper-seventeen statements in the margins and live more in the end note. The comments arc written out in full statements. and they arc detailed and specific.” I can relate to this. I used to have this friend of mine that would comment so much on mine or any other classmates paper. But was very helpful. This Line immediately reminded me of him.



    1. I believe writing can be a social process because you can improve by sharing/learning knowledge with others and implement that into your writing. Writing can be lonely due to isolation but some people write better when alone with their thoughts.

    2. One sentence from “responding-really responding to other students writing” that is interesting/memorable to me is “Address issues that are most important to address in this paper, at this time” because sometimes when you write, you get in the moment and off topic. I need to remember to stay in topic and get the job done.


    Angel Villarreal

    1. I would say writing is a social process to me and to most people as well because people tend to express their thoughts through writing. I also think that writing does feel lonely/isolating because when I write I tend to be by myself so that I could be alone with my thoughts.
    2. A sentence that was memorable to me was “Don’t rely on general statements alone” in paragraph “Is it okay to be short and sweet”. I find this most memorable because when students criticize essays they tend to leave broad comments, and writers cannot edit their work to become better.


    Kevin Martinez

    1. To me writing does feel like a writing social process in the extended that you go through multiple drafts and edit till you come up with the best version of what you are writing. When I write I feel it is a good way to express my thoughts, my opinions, and my feelings depending on the topic at hand. For me writing would feel lonely or isolating is when I can’t figure out what to write about or what I can continuing saying that’s when I would feel writing is isolating to me.
    2. For me one sentence that I found interesting and memorable from “Responding-to other students Writing” is “Some teachers like to have students write comments in the margins right next to the passage. Some like to have students write out their comments in an end note or in a separate letter to the writer.” I found this quote to be interesting and memorable because back in high school I had English teachers telling me whenever I peer read a essay I should always add comments next the passage or if I had a post it note or a small sheet a paper to write it there because that is a helpful method for the writer when he will look at those comments and needs to revise the paper.



    I believe writing is a social process because There are some days when I feel completely overwhelmed by all the responsibilities I have to maintain. Therefore I write down every little thing that I’m anxious about, and every little detail that’s going on in my life. It makes me feel better also it clears my mind. I moreover write down how I feel about certain people and how can I improve my relationship with them. when I’m not on a good term with my best friend I write down what I want to say furthermore I think about it like If I use those words what will happen following. This is why I believe writing is a social process it helps me prepared for social interaction.

    A sentence from ”responding really responding to other students, writing” that interests me is ”talk to the writer, you’re not just marking up a text you’re responding to the writer. You’re a reader, a helper, a colleague try to sound like someone who’s a reader, who’s helpful and who’s collegial supportive”.I found this sentence interesting because last semester when I was pair editing. my partner was making me feel bad about my writing which lowered my self-esteem and encourage me not to write anymore. The reader should be supportive and helpful. As a reader, I will guide the writer through it.


    1. In my opinion writing is part of a social process, for every time you write or think of a topic the more you realize or grow as an individual; in addition, to that growth you are also pushed to think deeper in which can also push you to express yourself more. I thinking the feeling of each individual writing something really depends on them and their personality because for me i get in the zone or in the moment real quick when i can relate to the topic; however, there are some times where writing can be so lonely or isolating, for instance when you’re writing a sad experience or writing about someone/something you don’t have anymore by your side.

    2. A line I like was “ sound like you normally sound when you are speaking with a friend or acquaintance” because I’ve experienced this couple if times where a classmate or a peer writes on my paper as if they are someone who is demanding me to change my whole paper solely of a mistake. For me personally i would prefer it if the comments were a little more human ( as if they’re not giving comments to other people) i want the comments to be somewhat funny but also helps you to improve your work.



    Writing does feel like a social process to me to an extent where it is meant to be shared. It provides opinions and stories for readers and for themselves. Writing allows people to share their experiences and knowledge. On the other hand, some writings are meant to be private; such as diaries, daily logs, or even disclosed information.

    “Writers write, readers read and show what they’re understanding and maybe make suggestions.”
    I found this quote extremely interesting and relatable. This is because this wasn’t method wasn’t the way it was taught to me before. As a peer reviewer, we were told to fix their errors and show them how to improve it. It was less emphasized to help their story, but instead we help their writing habits and performance.



    1.i feel like writing is a social process for me sometime but not always. For example writing on IG facebook and different forum make me feel it like social process. But if its a homework essay or protest, it make me feel lonely and no one can help me. it like im stuck inside the inferno, fire and different issue around my body, im doing the writing and no one send me help.

    2. “First, don’t set out to seek and destroy all errors and problems in the writing. You’re not an editor. You’re not a teacher. You’re not a cruise missile. ” is the one make me feel memorable.
    For me, when i read the writing, i like to read all of it first, and than thinking inside my head, what did i just read and what can i learn for it. in my opinion, find out what you learn is more difficult to find out the errors and problem.

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