ENG 1121 D440 Fall 2019

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    Purpose-The purpose of this video is to show why nature is pivotal to us, and the impact it has on to us.
    Audience- The audience of this video can be everyone
    Rhetorical appeals (ethos- credibility, pathos-emotion, logos- logic)-Pathos I think they are trying to appeal to people’s emotions, like showing nature picture may make people happy, logos they use pictures of places that people may be familiar with.
    Modes (audio, visual, written) and media -The modes are audio, visual, and written
    Common elements- We can see that throughout photo essays picture and words are portrayed, but this has audio included.
    Style- I don’t see a style of writing
    The design is visual there are bright colors and bright white color words
    Sources- I don’t see any source but the places may be sources to others.


    I’m going to do a multimodal similar to the humans of new york where they created an Instagram page which satisfies both the writing perspective and visual as well. The common elements of using all social media flatform is that it can be seen worldwide and publicly. It’s purpose is to sprear awareness and knowledge to who ever is reading it. This made me feel more woke, for it has stories of people that contains thier personal life which made me feel like I have to be more sensitive because I dont know what others might have . The style of Himans of New York is more of Angles and their writings, which makes the viewer’s feel what they are narrating.



    Kevin Martinez

    Link to video: https://youtu.be/bYdjwvtDpp4

    Purpose: The purpose of this video was to explain why the NCCA isn’t paying college athletes as well as how the NCAA is taking advantage of them.
    Audience: The audience the video is appealing to is current college athletes.
    Rhetorical appeals(Ethos & Pathos): The current NBA & NFL athletes talking about the issue you can see them talk about this issue and give their take on it since they also faced those issues back in there college days you can also see the sports reporters talk about the issue and give their take as well as interviewing other athletes or talking about the evidence they find. In the video when you see NFL player Richard Sherman talk a
    bout this issue you can see it in his expression his anger towards the NCCA they way he talks about the issue as well as provides an example.
    Modes and media: The modes was visual and the media was via a video published on Youtube.
    Common elements: Having former college athletes as well as current athletes from the NBA and NFL talk about the issue and all of them sharing the same point that the NCAA is taking advantage of them and they should be paying them for their services.
    Style: This is not a writing style it was a video
    Design: The visual we see are taking place in post game interviews as well as in television studios.
    Sources: The sources included in the video are opinions from former college athletes and current athletes from the NBA and NFL as well as sports reporters share their similar perspective in this issue.



    Purpose – to spread awareness about fast employees mental health and gain attention of the franchises
    Audience – anyone who follows that account also the fast-food employees this will encourage them to speak up and take a stand
    Modes- pictures and written
    Style – writing and colorful pictures
    Design – visual (photography)
    I will make an Instagram account and post pictures of fast-food employees and the captions would be their stories


    Osmaldy Zalazar

    Purpose: to show in a presentation that video game don’t make you act violent and it should be use as an excuse to blame other problems.

    Audience: people that love video games .

    Rthorical Appel: Logos because their many studies that prove that video games don’t make you act violent.
    Mode: visual
    Common elements: have a lot of writing
    Design: visual
    Styles: writing

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