ENG 1121 D440 Fall 2019

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  • Due 5PM on 11/10: Genre analysis of your mentor text
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    Amber Slater

    Hi all!

    For this homework, you’ll decide on one genre for your multimodal remix. Then, you’ll find one sample from within that genre and do a genre analysis of it. This will help you to understand what the rules of the genre are for when you create within that genre.

    Use the following vocabulary words in your genre analysis of your mentor text:
    Purpose- Why are they writing?
    Audience- Who are they writing for?
    Rhetorical appeals (ethos- credibility, pathos-emotion, logos- logic)- strategies to convince someone
    Modes (audio, visual, written) and media (how the modes are conveyed)
    Common elements- what different samples of the genre have in common
    Style- writing
    Design- visual
    Sources- do they use outside info to back up their argument?

    Example: I’m going to create a mural for my remix project. Common elements of murals are that they are in public spaces where everyone can see them, and they are often large in scale.

    The mentor text that I chose is Keith Haring’s “todos juntos podemos parar el SIDA” mural in Barcelona, created in 1989. His purpose was to get people talking about the AIDS crisis, and his audience was people walking past the mural. The main rhetorical appeal is pathos because it makes the audience feel hopeful about the power of people working together. The modes are written and visual, and the media is a mural on a wall. There isn’t a particular writing style because the text is really short, and the visual design is simple and only uses one color. Haring’s art usually uses more colors, but this piece is simple and only uses red. There are no sources.


    Samuel ugweje

    This is the link for the YouTube video of the voices from the march for science: special report. This video caught my interest through they way different individuals were asked to give their opinion on the matter, and this is what I will be incorporating into my own remix strategy in the genre of video interviews.

    Purpose: The purpose of the video was to portray the importance of science and it’s studies to the world, and how it should be viewed as such.

    Audience: The audience are all the individuals that love science and are interested in scientific studies and Research.

    Rhetorical appeals: pathos and ethos. One of the contestants being interviewed stated that science has the answers to a lot of the worldly questions we may have, and this made me feel like we should pursue science as much as possible. In the video, all the interviewee’s were individuals who shared a profound and in-depth understanding of science and it’s importance.

    Modes and media: the modes were visual and written. And the media was through YouTube a social media platform.

    Common elements: Signs with words, Large crowd, protests, people who share the same views.

    Style: this isn’t a writing style genre.

    Design: the visuals in this genre takes place outdoors.

    Source: the sources included in the video are options from different people with similar perspectives.


    Janice Chen

    Infographic: Raising the Minimum Wage

    The above link is my Sample infographic. I am going to create an Infographic for my Remix Call to action.

    The purpose of the sample is to show people increasing the minimum wage by $2 doesn’t help much.
    The audience is going to be all people who care about the minimum wage.
    Rhetorical appeals:
    Ethos is the statistic they show how much does $4000 won’t help much.
    Pathos the sympathetic I feel right after I read it.
    Logos is going to be by showing people how their money flies away
    Modes are visual and media is shown on the infographic itself.
    The common elements for the infographic simple and easy to understand.
    The style is colorful.
    The design is visual
    The sources are going to be the real statistic they showed on the infographic.


    Ariel Montesino


    Above is a link to the sample photo essay you showed us in class and that I’ve used to create my Remix Call to action Photo Essay.

    The purpose of the sample is to showcase some school lunches from around the world and see what countries from different regions around the world will typically have as their school lunch.
    The audience is going to be anyone who curious on the different school lunches in various regions of the world.

    Rhetorical appeals:
    There is Ethos in that its the huff-post which is a well known american news site.
    There is Pathos as it makes me envy the kids getting these school lunches as I’ve never gotten a school lunch that looks that appealing.

    Modes and Media: Visual and Written. Media was shown through their website online, The huff-post.

    Common Elements: simple and easy to understand pictures with a well detailed description.

    Style: Descriptive.

    Design: Visual

    The Sources: It really doesnt say the sources other then a tumblr post.



    Vision & Justice Online: The People’s Justice Murals

    Link to the image of the mural:

    This is the link for the mural to The Vision and Justice Online: The Peoples Justice Murals. This form of design- visual caught my interest through the way the mural represents a broader project to counteract police brutality.

    The purpose of this mural was to portray and inform the citizens their rights and actions they should take if being harassed by a police officer.

    The audience are all the individuals that live around the neighborhood and that got to school around that area.

    The main rhetorical appeal is pathos because it makes the audience stop and be informed of their rights. The modes are written and visual, and the media is a moral with slogans and writing in English and Spanish for the Dailey commuters to read and inform themselves. There are no sources



    College Students Should Make Time for Exercise

    Above is the link to a photo essay which I will be using to create my project, this post caught my attention because it is an easy way to describe my problem with this topic brcause it uses pictures to represent the current situation in a clear way

    The purpose of this photo essay is to address the problem and show relevant pictures to help the reader understand what the problem is and what they are trying to do to solve it.

    The audience is those students who need to workout but don’t have a gymnasium to workout in, and that this post is showing the benefits of having exercise and what it can do for your future.

    The main rhetorical appeal is pathos because it is definitely informing it’s viewer/readers how not having the exercise can affect the college students throughout their careers in college and so on, the modes are a written paragraph explaining everything and visuals as well showing relevant images. The media is obviously English written and a persuasive way of getting the reader to read by informing people about some flaws which include not working out. Can’t really find many sources for my topic so i have to improvise.


    Yan Tao

    Purpose: The purpose of the slides is to show the cost of college tuition and the benefit of federal student aid.
    Audience: The audience is all the college students, soon to be college students and their parents.
    Rhetorical appeals: Mainly logos because the slide show graphs and statics from sources to prove different points.
    Modes and media: The modes are written and visual. The media is the Powerpoint presentation.
    Common elements: Different point in different slides or one point in multiple slide.
    Style: Descriptive
    Design: Colorful
    Source: There is work cited slide at the end of the presentation


    Thalia L. Frontani

    Purpose- Why are they writing?

    They are writing down these arguments between celebrities to keep the hype of hate to one another. It’s basically clout for those who search and bother celebrities about past beef.

    Audience- Who are they writing for?

    those who are stans or fans for these celebrities.

    Rhetorical appeals (ethos- credibility, pathos-emotion, logos- logic)- strategies to convince someone.

    Mainly ethos since they use award shows and other sorts of social media to confirm the words said to each other.

    Modes (audio, visual, written) and media (how the modes are conveyed)

    Their use of media is stronger since they use stunning images of the celebs against the celebrities so it draws attention to both sides of the arguments.

    Common elements- what different samples of the genre have in common

    They highlight the evidence they use in pink for every picture.

    Style- writing

    Brief but the main idea is detailed enough for the reader to understand the situation without having to read too much into other sites and social media.

    Design- visual

    Bright HD images.
    COntrasting color scheme.

    Celeb Beef
    Sources- do they use outside info to back up their argument?


    veronica benitez


    Purpose- The purpose of the interview video is to show how multiple students were able to afford to attend the university either from loans, grants ,scholarships, or saving their money.

    Audience- Soon to be college students, college student, anyone who is interested in the information about financial aid.

    Rhetorical appeals- I believe ethos is used because it’s focusing on students that are currently experiencing the financial aid process. Pathos is also used to explain how the financial aid the students receive is obtain by putting their personal emotions in the video interview.

    Modes- is audio and visual to discuss the interview in words (audio) to put a face to it (visual)
    Common elements- campus setting, questions, personal opinions
    Style- style is words

    Design- campus setting

    Sources- The sources will be the type of financial aid the student receives (if any).

    Example: I’m going to create a mural for my remix project. I decided to use a interview video to grasp the feeling in the college setting to make the video more relatable to the topic.

    The mentor text that I chose is a interview video titled “Financial aid questions university of Northern Colorado” I chose this video because It brings people from different culture backgrounds to explain how they are making their way through college. I felt this video was very informative because it gave options high school graduate could use to obtain a degree at the college if they wish to. The style, emotion and the design was very down to earth and realistic which I made help the interview come off effortlessly.


    Melanie Manzueta

    Purpose- Why are they writing?

    The purpose of this speech is to talk about body image and how the industry/media praises people to look so perfect on the internet. The purpose is to show the audience how unhealthy this type of lifestyle is and to just love yourself.
    Audience- Who are they writing for?

    The audience is for females in general, specifically younger females in the industry and on Instagram. Also, females who deal with any type of body issues.

    Rhetorical appeals (ethos- credibility, pathos-emotion, logos- logic)- strategies to convince someone

    Ethos- This speech is endorsed by a celebrity herself Lili Reinhart. She mentions her experience with body image in the industry.
    Pathos- There is a lot of emotion behind the speech, body image is a huge issue in today’s society, a lot of females including Lili Reinhart herself struggle with these issues. The story behind this speech creates an emotion that can make the audience understand the type of issues that females go through.
    Logos- She gives examples of pictures she has posted on her Instagram.

    Modes (audio, visual, written) and media (how the modes are conveyed)

    The modes are visual and audio, it’s a speech so a lot of it is based on the way one presents themselves to the audience. Your voice is basically your mode. For media the speech is being recorded, so the type of media is a video on youtube. Also, the media is the fact that its a speech.

    Common elements- what different samples of the genre have in common

    When it comes to a speech a lot of the things that are common are that they all have some type of purpose to what they’re saying. Another common element is that all of them have a voice and have a huge interest in what they are talking about.
    Style- writing

    The type of style being used is tone and voice. While she is giving her speech she has this softness to her voice which gives the audience this feeling of comfort while listening too her speak.

    Design- visual

    The design visually is very clear and you are able to see and hear her clearly while she is up on stage giving her speech.

    Sources- do they use outside info to back up their argument?

    A lot of the sources she uses comes from social media, she gives her own examples of what she’s been through and also talks about images she has posted to her Instagram as well in order to have a connection in what she’s talking about.


    Iris Olmos


    Purpose: Why are they writing this?
    They’re writing this is because they want to raise the awareness of how women get treated when it comes to their menstruation and what the real reality is versus how it is often portrayed.

    Audience: Who are they writing for?
    They’re writing this for everyone to know the real issue of women when they get their period and the pad availability and how it affects them economically and education-wise.

    Rhetorical Appeals: This image to me has all three. Ethos because of the credibility, the way it is put together. Pathos, they make it so every woman can connect to this and even men too so they realize how it is important and how we have to do something about this. Logos, it uses real-life number and sources like in Bangladesh many girls get hidden because of their first time periods.

    Modes: Written because it is a poster filled with facts and again the reality versus what people think happens.
    Common Elements: every other poster I looked at had some percentages to go with what they were talking about to let people know this is the reality. It also shows how we should all talk about this because it is important.

    Style: Writing is formal because it is something important and we want everyone to know about it.
    Design: It’s pink and blue which are the colors for gender signs to let people know this isn’t only about women.
    Sources: It uses other resources like women’s voices of the earth which is a stand/protest.

    I’m going to do a poster or paper to put around the school and send it out to any other school’s so we can awareness of this. Including important information about the “period stigma” and including some pictures of young girls and what they’ve faced when not having the right products. I’m going to use this resource because it helps me create how to start and what kind of other resources I can use.



    The genre that I am writing about is a e-comic book called “Live Forever” by Raul Trevino; his comic book is posted on webtoon as:

    The Purpose of this comic book is: to inform about the character of people when the thought of death enters their mindset.

    The Audience is: people who are curious on the perception of eternal life being provoked in the perspective of normal people.

    The Rhetorical Appeal: that is being used is pathos because the audience can relate to the author with a feeling of empathy; everyone has a view of death. Also, people who have reacted to themselves and individuals who like to give in to stimulations of death might relate to the storyline more than the average person.

    The modes are: visual and written. Specifically, all words are within a variation of a comic book bubble, and all visuals are underlapped, or behind the comic book bubbles.

    The Design is: vertical comic panels that are black borders that have black and white illustrated images within them. The black borders are sometimes hidden for the author can travel to the current comic panel to the last comic panel that the audience stops on.

    The style is: forthright and simple because the author prioritizes the visuals more than the dialoge through the comic book bubbles.

    Sources: The author doesn’t use sources; the author conveys familiar events that relate to the audience.


    Small Steps Can Change Lives Poster

    Purpose: Why are they writing this?
    They’re writing this is because they want to show how important school psychologists and educators are to the lives of students.

    Audience: Who are they writing for?
    They’re writing this for students and for the parents to understand that with even taking little steps it can make a big change.

    Rhetorical Appeals: The poster in the link is ethos because it’s credible because schools are most likely aware of the NASP (National Association of School Psychologists), Pathos because it’s a happy poster that displays the abundance of student mental health with psychologists, and I don’t believe there’s an appeal of logos.

    Modes: It’s written Media: but displayed visually

    Common Elements: A lot of posters would have a quote and a lot of uplifting words to go with it.

    Style: There are written words, but has a child going to schools which would be visual.

    Design: It’s green and blue with purple letters with diverse types of font and there’s a little girl going to school in the center.

    Sources: Its source is from the NASP website.

    I’m going to do a poster about how sports coaches and officials need to better coach their players so their players wouldn’t lack in motivation and drive to lower their self-esteem. My poster would pop in color and catch the eye of anyone who sees it. also, I’d mention the main ideas from my Call to Action paper and my actual plans to have these coaches be better for the long run.


    Jamir Campbell


    Purpose: too interview people all over the world, and ask them questions about what’s currently going on in there life or the world.

    Audience: anyone who wants to know how people feel about various topics.

    Rhetorical: Pathos is used when these interviews are posted, people can get emotional about the topics that are talked about. The people that are being interviewed can also get very emotional depending on what they’re talking about.

    Modes: this uses pictures and writing.

    Style: writing

    Design: visual

    I’ll will be making an instagram account , to post the interviews that I did. I interviewed five of my friends and asked them questions about how they felt about the sneaker culture, and what their perfect sneaker culture looked like.



    Alessia Cara takes a stand against online bullying and ‘Stan culture’

    Purpose- To inform readers about online bullying/ trolling from stans
    Audience- People that don’t know what stans are, and how disgusting they can be
    Ethos: Alessia Cara (A celebrity)
    Pathos: After reading this picture essay, readers may feel worried and disgusted
    Logos: Teaching people that their words mean something.
    Modes: Audio, Visual, and Written
    Common elements- Pictures, and a lot of words.
    Style- Educational, Informative
    Design- Visual

    I chose this source because it is related to my call to action paper, and I found it very interesting.

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