ENG 1121 D430, Spring 2020

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  • Lecture 9 HW "Teach Writing as a Process Not a Product"
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    Rebekah Coleman

    Read “Teaching Writing as a Process Not a Product” by Donald Murray (handed out in class). Write a response to the following questions preferably on Open Lab and hand them in, if that is not possible.

    1. What do you think? Is writing a process or a product? Explain. Give an example.

    2. Describe your writing process (for more formal school-based assignments). Do you follow the steps that Murrary describes (prewriting, writing, rewritting). How much/ little time do you spend on each step?


    Ray-Ana W.

    1. I believe that writing is a process because you got through many different phases and changes before you actually finish. Once the piece is complete I believe that is the product you get after you finish the writing process. The author helps to support this because they actually divine writing into three phases or stages. The prewriting is the beginning stage where you beginning to formulate ideas and figure out the key points in the piece and research. Next come the Writing which is basically the draft where all gather all this data and try to make sense of it all. Lastly is the Rewrite which on be the hardest and longest process. Here everything actually needs to make sense and come together to create that finished product or final portion

    2. For my writing process I use a sort of combination of the prewriting and writing, where all my ideas are just smashed together into a make shift outline/draft. Then I do a Rewrite but it usually happens after I do review and get others to review my work as well. The first part is usually the longest for me because i like to write everything I know down first. Then when I finish that I just move things around add a little here take a litter form there and bam I get something.

    By: Ray-Ana Walford


    Daniel Espinoza

    1. There is a process to writing. When somebody writes, they don’t just simply write without thinking or planning it out before hand. If writing was a product then writing would be its own entity with no thought process and just with free will writing. Writing is indeed a process because you have to prewrite, edit, revise, so many more that writing has. Writing is a form of art that takes time to perfect therefore the writing must be brainstorm to keep ideas at flux and not all over the place. Then there is rewriting which is creating the perfect writing piece that has all the errors in improvements ensured.

    2. For my writing process, I start off with the basic and effective process in brainstorming. Brainstorming has helped me in all of my English classes and will continue to do so in the future. Then I begin to write my first draft which is a sample of what soon will become improved. Then I rewrite it with removing any errors that I made and make improvements with my word choice to make the most powerful paper in the universe.


    Alexandros Veliz

    1. I believe writing is a process when thinking about how much time and dedication it takes to perfect your work and how you do this with steps and in increments. We can see this When Murray describes the steps most writes take when writing a something (pre-writing, writing, and rewriting).

    2. For the discourse community article that i am writing i am implementing the steps that Murrary describes. For my pre- writing I start brain storming ideas to what i could write about. I’m writing an article about the comic book community so i try to come up with topics people might be interested on and start writing things down. For writing my second draft I let my words flows on the keyboard and write anything that I find interested for someone to read. I sometimes even type what i want in the wrong paragraph and go rearrange it later when i see fit. After finishing my first draft i begin to read what I wrote outline and make the necessary changes to better improve my message in the paragraph. I even send my work to a friend to ask for their opinion.


    Florence Jiang

    1. Writing is definitely a process and not a product. When writing there are a lot of things that goes in to it. Like it says in the article the writing process is divided into three parts prewriting, writing, and rewriting. Prewriting is like an outline where you jot down any ideas that has popped in your head. Prewriting is the first draft where you organize your thoughts and ideas in order. Lastly the rewriting is where you decide what should be in or out in the writing.
    2. When I write my process it is pretty similar to Murray’s. I like to first write whatever I want to put in the writing and make an outline on how my paper will go. Then lastly I research more on what I’m writing and to fix my first draft. I also sometimes go through an extra route by making my friends go through my writings to make sure there are no errors.


    1. After reading this, writing is a process itself. According to page 19, there is a writing process, broken down to three stages (prewrite, write, and revise). In addition, no one should dictate what or how should writers write, but may guide them to help writers get to their points. To help them, there are ten implications that help them write. These implications allow leeway and freedom in their writing, so therefore, writing is experimental. For example, implication 10 implies that there is freedom in writing, and implication 6 implies that spelling and grammar should be worried later.
    2. For all of my writing assignments, I don’t follow a writing process. However, what I have done routinely is I type all of my stuff while I revise and edit simultaneously as I go along. When I finished, I check for spelling, grammar, and citations once more. In my case, I don’t do drafts. I write through only once.



    1) After reading this, I believe that writing is a process since on page 19 the author says that the writing process “can be divided into three stages: prewriting, writing and rewriting”. Prewriting would be the first step to get your ideas and thoughts down before writing. Writing is the organizing piece where you put your ideas and thoughts into actual sentences to use & rewriting would be when you revise, reread and edit your work and write it even better than your previous steps and then finally the product would come out more organized and neatly.
    2) For my writing process, I would say that it depends on the subject I would be writing it. If It’s a speech that I had to present to a class,I would write and rewrite several times. It would take quite a while.
    However, if it was a personal essay, I would just revise and edit it as I go along and try to fix my spelling and grammar if there was any mistakes made.



    1). In my opinion writing is a process. With writing comes a lot of ideas. You have to be able to clearly state your ideas which is not as easy as just writing some words on a paper. We have to plan out how we are going to connect such ideas so that our literature flows and is easy to understand by not only the writer but the reader as well. For example, when we are given a writing assignment we have to first do research, which is a part of the pre-writing stage. Next we write down whatever we have on our minds. Before the assignment is complete and ready to be handed in everything has to be reorganized and we have to change grammatical errors so our professor can fully understand our views.

    2) For school assignments I do not follow the steps that Murray describes because I was never aware that this was the correct way of writing. I would usually write whatever it is that I have on my mind then hand it in to my professor. Now that I am aware of this process I will surely try to implement it in my own process of writing.



    1. Even before reading this article I thought writing was a process, you have to start from somewhere. I also agree that the writing process can be divided into three stages: prewriting, writing, and rewriting. Prewriting is where you come up with your ideas and find the purpose of what your writing and how your going to execute your plan. Writing, being your first draft and rewriting, where you reconsider the form of your first draft and perfect it.

    2. My writing process is similar to Murrays when it comes to thinking about what I want to write about and the tone I would like to use and consider constructing my writing in a way that my audience will appreciate. After that I will write my first draft remembering what my goal for the paper was. Then complete a rewrite where I edit and take out or add in more sentences that further my goal.


    Arnelle Martinson

    1.)I believe that writing is a process that turns into a product. I believe this because when you begin to write you start by brainstorming your ideas that you would like to put in the piece. That is the beginning of the process. As the process continues you begin your first draft and then correct your mistakes. In the end there is a final product which is where the process ends. This is why I believe writing is a process that ends with a well written product.

    2.)Yes, I do follow the majority of the steps that Murray describes in the article. In my writing process I alway begin with a brainstorm which is what I would call prewriting. Then I would continue you on bringing those ideas together and start the first draft. Lastly, I would do a rewrite of my best work after correcting my previous mistakes. I feel like this is the best way to write a great piece.


    Josh Clarke

    1. In my opinion, writing is a process. It is a process that becomes a product when it is finished. You think of an idea to write on an your viewpoint as well as how will you bring across a point. After the piece is finished, it is a product ready to be read or critiqued.

    2. Murray’s steps are the blueprint for writing. I follow these steps in my own writing as well. I take the most time on writing and the least time on rewriting. I think my first writings are good enough for others to read if I have written it well.


    cecelia melton

    I believe that writing is a process, it takes so many phases to put in a piece. it takes so much to write a paper. organizing where you are going to put all the information. Whether it’s taking some information out and replacing it with better. It’s all about the best way to get you point across. And even after the finished product there is still room for improvement.

    I do follow those steps to the best of my abilities, but in some cases I skipped the pre writing phase simply because I felt like it wasn’t necessary. But most time is spent on the re writing phase.

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