ENG 1121 D424 Spring 2017

ENG 1121 Spring 2017, “In-Formation” Presentation Worksheet

Resource List                                                                                                  Prof. Schmerler

Please note the following (you may list more than one link or format for each Resource if you like, i.e., you want to bring in two magazines; you want to show two photos of the same book cover Online, etc.):


YOUR NAME: _________________________________________________

Resource Name and Type*:       Format for display:            Any Special Requirements?:



1.(B) As I Lay Dying                    Picture of Book Cover       Link to book cover here:

Author: W. Faulkner, 1930

2.(M) “No Scrubs”                      Song by TLC                        Link to YouTube for excerpt here:

Artist: TLC;                                                                             Links with more info, here and here:

Kevin “She’kspere”

Briggs, Kandi Buruss, and

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (writers), 1999


List your Resources:                  Format for display:                           Any Special Requirements?:
























*B= Book, P=Newspaper or Magazine, M=Music, F=Film, T.V.=T.V. Show, Q=Quote, L=Location


Give this list to Professor prior to your Presentation, preferably via email or uploaded to OpenLab; please also print your list in hard copy. Professor must vet (approve) your list. If there is not enough room above, don’t worry. Take as many pages as you need.




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