ENG 1121 D411 ”In-Formation”

“In-Formation” Definition:
+The concept of creating a topic that is dynamic and always gathering energy

+The imagining of “self” as being dynamic, under construction–a goal we arrive at after a lifetime of learning and seeking; an ever-expanding center
“In-Formation”‘s Learning Objectives:
Re-think the worth/value/role of the citation page; re-engineer the research paper from back to front; build upon all the hard work we did in 1101; do things better a second time around; find a topic we enjoy and can really sink our teeth into; make finding a Thesis Statement more natural a process

Some Background:
Students were asked, at the beginning of the semester, to show the Professor their final research papers/projects from 1101 (just for information purposes, not for a grade.) At the end of their “In-Formation” assignment, the papers will be given back to the students along with notes on their current “In-Formation” presentation (reflection worksheets will be provided). Students will be asked to reflect on how they might like to do their new research projects differently, given what they have learned.

The Reasoning Behind “In-Formation”:
Freshman Comp is divided into two distinct semesters, and yet, a final research project is assigned in both. Often, students go from one professor to another with little or no sense of continuity or traction (teaching styles and approaches vary). How can I, in 1121, build upon what my (new) students have accomplished after working so hard on their research projects in 1101? How can I help them address their main areas of concern and also reinforce their strengths? How can I make them feel that their work is in fact building towards a greater understanding of the research process? And: Can I give them a chance to do things better, this time around?

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