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    Prof. Masiello


    Good explanations.

    You meant to say “plays,” not the writers of plays.


    Jaheim Wilson

    Oh yes I have seen a movie of it. It was great!


    Jeremy Lah

    1) what is an essay?
    Answer: An essay is a piece or form of writing that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, facts, details throughout and in the end, a conclusion to conclude or to end the essay

    2) what is a novel?
    Answer: A novel is a book or a story that is fiction

    3) what is a short story?
    Answer: A short story is a shorter version of a book or story.

    4) name other writing genres you have been assigned over the years in English class.
    Answer: the assignments I have been assigned were Fiction, mystery stories and a few others

    to do
    You may Google this:

    5) Please make a list of as many “prefixes” as you can find.
    Answer: fore- before foresee, foreshadow
    hemi- half hemisphere
    hyper above, excessive hyperactive, hypertension
    hypo- under, insufficient hypodermic, hypothetical
    il-, im-, in-, ir- in, into, not, against illegitimate, inadequate

    A prefix is a piece of a word that when added to a word creates a new one. For example, un- is a prefix. When you add it to a word like “forgettable” you get a new word: “unforgettable.”

    Please make a list of words you already know that begin with the “prefix” co-
    Answer: co-, com-, con- with, together companion, concurrent*
    contra-, counter- against contradict, counteract
    de- down, not, undo* degenerate, depress
    di-, dis- lack of, not, apart disadvantage, displacement

    After your replies to all of the above 5 questions, see the Document on Compound Sentences.

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