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  • September 14, 2021 questions about "Salvation"
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    1. The story is Langston’s Hughes who I’m assuming is the little boy
    2. He is 12 years old
    3. Honestly not this extreme but Experiences like this is why I don’t believe you need to go to church to believe or even believe in anything
    4. I feel like it’s supposed to be a communion where they introduce Jesus to the children like their supposed to accept him into their lives
    5. He said it because he wanted to get it over and done with he was tired of waiting

    6. One time I was an idiot and listened to all my friends about checking out this abandoned train track. When we got there it ended up being a place filled with needles and people’s different stories. Of their addiction and how they’re trying to get clean. Which honestly was sad because they were drawing over some of their stories. Anyways I’m extremely paranoid and scared. I knew I had no business being there. So when I finally decided I’m gonna leave without them. On my way out I saw a cop car drive by I knew. I swear I knew it was for us basically trespassing! Oh, but they didn’t believe me then the cops parked right in front of us and questioned us. Luckily I was only 14 so they just let us off with a warning. I learned one thing for sure that day. To just trust myself even if it may not be the fun thing to do at that moment because I was definitely terrified. It wasn’t even the cops that scared me, it was the thought of my moms having to pick me up from a percent because I was at a train track I ain’t have no business being at.

    7. I would define peer pressure as knowing something is wrong or not wanting to participate in something but because your friends or the people surrounded by you are in your ears encouraging you to do it you just blindly listen
    8. The thing about Peer pressure is I don’t think you can be peer pressured into doing good things. For example, I had a friend who is easily peer pressured but when it came to us telling her to break up with her boyfriend who was 22 while she was 16 she didn’t listen at all. Even though it was the right thing she didn’t care to listen because it wasn’t a fun or satisfying thing. To her, it was an unfun thing to do, like good things are hard to make sound fun or exciting.
    9. Connotation isn’t supposed to be literal while denotation is literary
    91. The five senses are touch, smell, taste, hear, and see. Touch and see are the easiest to describe in words because you could simply say the texture of fur also for seeing you’re just describing something in detail which is done often. Plus with both, you could interact like seeing close your eyes and pictures and touch go touch some items of a similar texture.
    10. I feel he should have asked more questions so she could have explained that it would be more of a sensation or Feeling but you wouldn’t see Jesus.
    11. Yes, I do think someone as young as him can choose the church around that time when you would decide if you believe or not for yourself.



    1. Langston Hughes.

    2. He is thirteen years old.

    3. When I was younger I use to go to church often.

    4. They are trying to get children to accept Jesus.

    5. The boy says he sees Jesus because everyone else said they did

    6. Most of the time when I’m peer-pressured it’s usually to buy something. Sometimes I regret it and sometimes I don’t

    7. Peer pressure is when you feel the need to do or say something because the people around you did. My peers would be my friends and people my age.

    8. Peer pressure could lead to regrettable decisions that could affect you or it could change your life for the better with the right influence.

    9. Connotation could be what certain words or subjects have an association with and usually isn’t literal. Denotation is more direct and simple and is literal.

    10. His aunt told him he would see Jesus and thought he would actually see him but he didn’t.

    11. People are free to choose where they put their faith but someone that young hasn’t experienced that much in the world yet.

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