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  • Point of View Who is the narrator?
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    Prof. Masiello


    Thank you for explaining about your laptop’s typographic limitations. I know others may experience the same.

    It will be far more important when you write essays to punctuate titles the right way somehow…

    I am surprised that your previous teachers neglected short stories. So many young people like stories by Edgar Allan Poe, for example. And young women really enjoy the lovely sentiment in “The Gift of the Magi” about a young couple with too little money at Christmas time.


    Prof. Masiello


    As for POV in Iron Man, we see Tony Stark’s POV when he is in extreme closeup behind his helmet, but it is “third person” whenever he is in the same frames as others.

    As for writers, they can mix POVs but mostly stick to one in any given story.


    Prof. Masiello


    Your many examples of POV are very impressive. It is refreshing that you have experience with so many short stories, novels, and films.

    (One thing: Nick is not the main character. Jay is, though Nick in so many ways is there throughout the book.)



    Prof. Masiello


    Thanks for your detailed response.

    As for POV in movies, we can sometimes hear a voice-over narrator, as was done in the 1962 movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird, where we hear the adult Scout’s voice.



    Prof. Masiello

    Hello, Brandon,

    When I write in these reply boxes, there are some letters on the upper right: B I etc.

    Maybe it is different for students.

    Anyway, it is so great that previous teachers exposed you to some classic works of literature.

    As for Deadpoool, that is a terrific example of First Person whenever he talks to us and looks at us.



    Prof. Masiello


    Your examples are pretty good.

    Please note: narration is a technique, not a genre.

    Hardcore Herry is an extreme and fine example of POV, but so often horror movies will show the victim’s from the killer’s POV and many films of various types can use voice-over, like Forrest Gump.


    Prof. Masiello


    Your answers are pretty thorough, thanks.

    Let me remind students that short stories use quotation Marks, not italics. Italics are for films and whole books.

    Also, when you name a character, like Hazel, there is no need to use quote marks, since that is her nake, not a nickname.



    Prof. Masiello

    Hello, Jaden

    Oedipus is a play, so narration does not really happen except for the few bits the chorus in Greek tragedy may say.

    POV can be shown in films via voice-over narration or brief camera angles showing what someone sees. In Jaws, we sometimes saw the POV of the shark, who sees legs when he looks up.


    Prof. Masiello

    By the way, you are absolutely correct, Saba, that films made from novels sometimes use the voice-over technique to approach the POV in the novel, but it is only done here and there: beginning, some key scenes, and the end.


    Melina Tlatelpa

    1. The point of view means who is telling a story. It can be a person in the story or a narrator. It can be first-person or a third-person narrator. Basically it’s who’s telling the story.
    2/3. One book that is told by a character within the story is Persepolis 2. This book is told by Marjane who is the main character in the book. Another book is the Fault In Our Stars which is also told in first person. Poet-X is told by the main character. It is told in first person.

    4.Some movies where a character’s POV is used are The fault in our stars, Persepolis, Harry Potter.

    5.It could be a voice-over narrator or the main characters get the most dialogue. It’s very similar because you have different types of views and you are seeing action from the first person point of view

    6. Some movies would be Mary Popins,Batman.

    7. One short story is my “Lucy friend who smells like corn” by Sandra Cisneros. Another one is “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid.


    Walter Guaman JR

    1. The point of view in a story is who is telling the story or the perspective that the story is being told. For example there is first person, second person, and third person point of view.
    2. Yes, Paper Towns is told from a first person perspective.
    3. In the novel Paper Towns it is a first person perspective of Quentin Jacobsen and also in the novel My sister’s keeper which is also told from a first person point of view but from many different characters like Anna, Jesse, Kate, and many more.
    4. In the film Rise of the Planet of the Apes the story is being told from the main character Cesar who is a chimpanzee which is something different since we aren’t used to films being told from an animals perspective.
    5. In films what they do is they use the cameras to show that you are looking through the eyes of the character’s point of view or showing the characters reaction.
    6. In the movie The Revenant we are seeing the main character Hugh Glass’s POV of what obstacles he must overcome and we see first hand the many struggle he and his family go through during a long journey back to civilization after being severely injured.
    7. I have not read that many short stories due to our focus being shifted to college essays and having projects that were done from reading novels.

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